Over seeding schedule for fall for cool weather grasses

I am new to using a smart sprinkler system and am presently using flex daily schedule with a rain sensor. This fall I plan on overseeding my lawn. What is the suggested schedule I should use once I overseed?

When I overseed winter lawn, I create up to 6 fixed schedules, with start times spread out throughout the daylight hours. This allows me to delete a couple waterings after a couple weeks, and a couple more in another week or two as the grass sprouts. Once most of the grass has sprouted, I delete all the fixed schedules and let Flex Daily take over (after changing to cool season grass).

This method has worked well for me for the last 3 years.


Ditto what @tmcgahey said – the only difference is that I only use 3 fixed schedules. All three run for one week, then just two for another week and then just one on the 3rd week. Then normally everything can go back to normal. I set my schedules up each year with a start date and end date so that I only have to do everything once.