One rain sensor for multiple Iros?

I have multiple Iros for our yard, but only one rain sensor (Rainbird WR2).

Is it possible to wire between the two Iros so that a single sensor can serve both?

Great idea, not currently, will make sure the product team gets this request.


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Franz -

Thought about it some, and decided that it should work by just jumping R1 to R1 and R2 to R2 since it uses a NC rain sensor anyway. Worked perfectly. Just wire up one Iro as per your instructions, and connect Iro 1 to Iro 2 by running a pair of wires that connect R1/R2 respectively.


@stonecliff Oh cool, I’ll make sure @emil and the customer support team see this, great to know!

@stonecliff , thanks for testing this! I’ve seen mixed results from other users. Any chance you could forward us a photo of your wiring for other users to see?

Best, Emil

dang it, that is what i was about to post, bravo homie.

Looks like when they come out with the new IFTTT triggers you could do this via a new recipe. IE: Iro 1 has rain sensor activated, delay Iro 2 for X hours. New IFTTT Event Trigger Coming Soon!

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Yes, that!


@stonecliff, are you able to post a picture of wiring? i’m wanting to try the same.


Happy to help. Basically, I connected the first Iro using the instructions on the website: There are four wires shown by the green arrows in this picture (green to S1, white and black both to SC, and red to SP):

I combined them by adding an additional pair of wires between the two controllers, shown by the red arrows. One of the wires goes to S1 and the other to SC. They are then connected to the second controller (S1 to S1, SC to SC) as shown in this picture:

And that’s it. Works like a charm.

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