New IFTTT Event Trigger Coming Soon!


Finished work on the IFTTT event trigger, will submit for approval next week.

What does this mean? Since you know way more about the needs for your system than we do, almost every event that happens in our system can now be tied to an IFTTT action. This will allow you to essentially build any kind of recipe with any event that is registered for your Iro.

For example California, If trigger Rain sensor activated then action Rain Delay 48 hours

The possibilities are truly limitless.

Current events that a trigger can be built off of:

Manual rain delay on
Manual rain delay off
Rain sensor activated
Rain sensor deactivated
Device standby mode on
Device standby mode off
Device offline
Schedule started
Schedule stopped
Schedule completed
Zone started
Zone stopped
Zone completed
Zone cycling
Zone cycling completed
Schedule skipped due to freezing temperature
Schedule skipped due to rain sensor activated
Schedule skipped due to rain
Schedule not skipped due to rain
Flex schedule added to device


Can I download my Watering History by zone?
One rain sensor for multiple Iros?
Pause watering?
When does "Rachio Offline" event fire in IFTTT?

Flex schedule added to device :slight_smile: That will allow me to do my google calendar for upcoming watering :smile:
What about flex schedule removed from device?


An open and very interesting approach.
Bravo for your vision.

2.0 Coming Monday, July 6th!

Good point, will add.


Would a device online event be noisy? No biggie but some contractors unplugged my unit to run their saws and didn’t plug it back up…thanx for the friendly notification btw, so I’m setting up my First recipe to notify me via text that it is offline, thought it would be nice to get the all clear too.


Potentially very noise :wink:, depending on your internet, etc. reliability.


Ok, and for clarification, is device offline a heuristic, not a conditional state (assuming it is not equally as noisy)?


The California example is exactly what I have wanted for a month. I’m so fired up!!!

Now I just need to clear a few hurdles on my end and hopefully video capture of my rotor zones running will be complete.


Correct, one every 24 hours.


Any ETA for these new triggers?


How long, triggers will be available in IFTTT?


Will try to submit for approval this week. Code is done, just takes a lot to get it submitted :wink:




Will there be a link to the page on the preference drop down? :heart_eyes:


Don’t understand?


What I meant to say is will you make a link to the IFTTT page from the app? :wink:


Probably not since authentication is done from IFTTT --> through our Webapp, versus other way around (i.e. Nest).


I don’t have a rain sensor physically wired to the Iro, but it’s watching my Netatmo rain gauge. Do PWS rain events trigger “Rain Sensor Activated”?

Also, this looks awesome. :smile:


@pixelknave PWS precip events do not trigger rain activated, just physical rain sensor. Since we get a forecast or an observation that aren’t really time bound, it would be hard to deactivate the rain sensor.



any updates on availability of new triggers?