Notifications question/suggestion

I have been trying to find a way to disable the routine notifications (android) for scheduled watering starts/stops without disabling what I would consider the more more important messages (errors, weather delays, etc). For better or for worse I have ~14 zones grouped into six schedules, as a result I get quite a few notifications. I called in to support and they were unaware of a way to do it.

Anyhow… it would be useful to me.



Thanks for reaching out to us.

Are you running the newest version of our app 2.0? If so from the Dashboard just click on the three horizontal dots in the upper left hand corner and click on App Settings. From here you can select the notifications that you want turned off.

If you are running an older version from the main homepage of the app click on the three horizontal dots in the upper left hand corner and select Preferences. Then select the notifications that you want turned off.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


I am running 2.0.8

Which notification would I turn off for the schedule starting/ending events? Status of my watering schedule changes?

Do you know if there is a breakdown somewhere as to what is covered by each event type?



Not currently, will build an FAQ on this topic.


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I have the same issue (with 20 zones on two rachios!) For every schedule, I get three notifications on my iPhone: Scheduled, Started, Competed. With 10 schedules that’s ~30 notices every day (plus or minus). Isn’t there a way to turn off those schedule notifications (at least two of the three?) while not losing important ones? (Like schedule skip, seasonal adjustment, etc). As it is it’s all or nothing.

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Yes! I just installed my new rachio and I love it, but I have this same problem and have not found a clear answer.

I don’t want a notification from the system when things are normal (watering turned on, watering turned off), but I would like to get a notification when something changes such as the watering schedule.

It seems that turning on any notifications at all automatically turns on the “routine” notifications. Is that true, or am I misunderstanding one of the notification settings?



This is correct! We are looking to improve this experience to reduce the amount of notifications. I will get your feedback recorded for the team :slight_smile:


Has there been any change to this? I want to be notified ONLY if something’s changed or wrong.

Is Homer Simpson on your team?


That’s hilarious. I love the reference. It’s so relevant here too.

Currently I’m getting a notification for “____ will run for ## minutes.” and then another notification for “___ ran for ## minutes.” I’d like to only be notified of one of those, or none of those and then get notified if something didn’t work normally.

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Afd another vote for “I cant believe no one thought of this, but users might want to shut off notifications that occur at, say, 3:30am” feature on Android if not all platforms (assuming feature parity between them).
As others have noted, it makes a whole lot more sense in the long run to only have “exception alerts” rather than “everything is normal”, though new users might like the reassurance that everything is running fine.
Presumably logging out of the application will disable them? Or the o.s. allows for turning off all alerts.

There ought to be a do not disturb feature on Android. I love my iOS DND mode.