More notification granularity!

New user here, feeling similarly.

I have way too much noise-to-signal here with notifications. I’d love to broadly understand when “bad” or “unexpected” things happen.

For me, I have a bunch of “Flex Daily” schedules and a bunch of “timed” schedules. Because I don’t know when the Flex things will occur, I consider them unexpected – but the timer based events, less so. (I know that set up three zones for our new landscaping to run three times a week. I don’t need to wake up and see 8 events (schedule started; zone A start, zone A finish, zone B start, zone B finish, zone C start, zone C finish; schedule finished) 3 times each week.)

I would love at minimum a switch to granularly control whether controller events are in the “Flex Daily” vs “Timer” category. I’d quickly turn off all timer notifications, I think.

Further, getting info on the “before” and “after” of events is really too much detail – getting some control on whether I want to see the before, or after, or both would really help. I’d probably set it up to just watch the “before” event – and then if I care to see more I’d go and look at the history or progress.

I’ll echo much of that but what I really think is missing is a notification the evening before sprinklers plan to run. I would guess many people use the automated flexible schedule and have them set to run overnight before sunrise like I do. It would be extremely valuable to get notified the evening before so I could choose to do a manual skip. Last night I would have chosen to do a skip because I plan to mow today and because looking at my lawn I know it can easily go another day and rain is expected Saturday. Was a waste to run last night.