New to forum and just purchased gen 3 and need delay between zones

Is there a way to set like a 5 min delay between each zone? I have 14 zones and my well needs to recover after I run each zone. I’m using the soak feature and I’m not interested in any of the smart features. Thanks.

Hi Larry, welcome to the forum. You are in luck, there is indeed a way to add a delay between zones. What you will have to do is to enable the master valve (even if you do not use one), set it to the start relay setting, and use the delay between zones setting which is now available to you.

More on this here (link), a post from a year ago when this feature was introduced.



@franz this looks like a useful feature that should be added at the global level to make it easier to set and find again later, vs a work around by using the master valve that will be easily forgotten were it was set.


This is a software setting only? I don’t actually need to change any wiring ?

No need to change the wiring. Enabling the master valve / start relay, does not require you to actually add one to the system.

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Thanks Gene. This is very helpful. I appreciate the prompt responses. I love the Rachio overall. I had 14 programs scheduled with delays between each.


I really wish there were both soak & delay between zones available at the same time. I have a need to have a 1-2 minute delay between switching zone due to some valve issues, but I either have to water everything w/o soak with the zone delay setting enabled, or I have to deal with valve problems. I’d love a “delay between zones” while still being able to enable shorter run times w/ soak for my more intensive zones. The fact that these are mutually exclusive is inconvenient to say the least.