New Rachio 3e Wifi Connectivity Issues

I bought a new Rachio 3e controller, but cannot get it to join the Wifi. I have followed all the troubleshooting techniques and also read similar discussions on this community

The troubleshooting key on RouteThis app is ZR27YUSP.

Can someone from the support team please contact me asap? My sprinklers are offline now and I am a bit worried.

@imranmoin -

  1. What device and OS is being used to connect Rachio to the WiFi network (model and version specific). iOS has been better at initial setup than Android.

  2. Can you describe the WiFi network? Mesh, extended, etc. Are you located in the US?

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@DLane - I am using IPhone 11 Pro Max running 13.5.1 IOS version. I am using Google Wifi mesh. I am based in US (California).

Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.

@imranmoin - there is a known issue with that combination right now. Have you seen this article ->



@imranmoin Looks like your controller is connected. Welcome to the community and let us know if you have other feedback or questions.