New Rachio 3 can’t connect to WiFi

I got a Rachio 3 model BCCFA6. I go through set up and once I click on my network for WiFi after a few minutes I get ‘An unexpected error occurred. Try again later. Ive try with both 2.4 and 5. Ive reset the Rachio multiple times and nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Just before clicking, what is the state of the lights on the controller? It should be second quadrant blinking.

After clicking, do the lights change? If so, report the new state, as well as details about your network (ISP, modem make/model, separate router/firewall (if any) make/model, separate Wi-Fi access points).

If the lights did not change (second quadrant was still blinking), see
If that does not help, post details of what devices you tried or have available (phones, tablets, computers).