New Grass Seed. Want to water ever hour during the day. Every 3 hours at night

Is there an easy way to do this? I could setup daily watering times, but I’d rather not setup 18+ different events. Or, it would be easier if I could make one, copy it as a new schedule and then just adjust the start time.

Any tips?

The easiest way might be building an IFTTT recipe. can help if you have questions on how to do this.

This can manually be done in the app, but we only support about 10-12 watering times, based on complexity.

Thanks. I already did this but the problem is that it runs the zones every hour, even at night. I want to run every hour during the day, and once every 3 hours at night.

I guess I could create two different recipes. One for day, and one for night and just turn then on/off when the sun goes down/comes up. I was just hoping for a more automated way to do it.

At some point we’d like to build this into the app :wink:

With maybe a 2.0 release? … I’m landscaping and installing my sprinkler system in July. This would be fAAAntastic!

@krs1, I don’t think this will make it into the 2.0 release, sorry. We’re focusing on Flex schedules and will circle back to Fixed schedule features most likely over the winter.

We really need the ability to control start and end times when using schedules that happen more frequently than daily. Just ran into this issue when trying to set a schedule for new grass. I have to manually turn the ‘Every 2 Hours’ schedule on and off every day… otherwise it runs through the night! I probably only need it to run like once during the night :frowning: Really sad that after 3 years this hasn’t been implemented yet.


I agree, don’t know when product will fit this in.

Now I did see a customer with a workaround that was clever.

They created a fixed daily schedule with a manual soak time of 3 hours between zones.

So, they got start/end times and the soak period was essentially hourly intervals.

Does that make sense?


Or, when I overseed in the winter, I just create 5-6 fixed schedules, each starting at a different time. Once grass starts growing, I’ll start deleting schedules to spread out the waterings…


That is exactly what I do. And when I set the schedules up I put start and end dates on them so I can just let them taper off pretty much automatically.

That’s the beauty of Rachio’s Iro — it is just stupid easy to set up a series of fixed schedules and then as needed, transition to a much smarter set up. No shame in using fixed watering schedules! I never had the patience to set up a complicated series of fixed watering with my old dumb controller and it certainly didn’t have any new lawn settings. But of course with such a smart controller, it invites over complicating things to the point of absurdity lol — gotta be reasonable.




I am using the hourly interval to keep the soil moist for new seed that have been oversown into a rennovated lawn. How can I stop rachio from running through the night hours by having a start and end time for the hourly interval eg can I run from 6am to 8pm to run for 3mins each hour?

just found other thread with tip for manual cycle and soak. eg 3 mins cycle 57 mins soak and with a run time of 30 mins will give me 10 intervals from early morning

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