New Grass Seed. Want to water ever hour during the day. Every 3 hours at night

@mckynzee @Simonhill +1 :wink:


New seed schedules and fixing finish before sunrisee are great examples of quality of life updates I would personally rather see scratched off a white board of backlogged work before stuff like Thrive and more UI tweaks. :slightly_smiling_face: I bet many of us do overseeding which could benefit.

My $0.02 nobody asked for. :grin:


I would also like to add my disappointment in the slowness of adding this feature. We just installed our system, planted our grass, and now we canโ€™t make this โ€œsmartโ€ app run the way it needs to during the day on regular intervals but stopping at night. Not a great first impression. It seems like such a simple fix.

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