New Grass Seed. Want to water ever hour during the day. Every 3 hours at night

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New seed schedules and fixing finish before sunrisee are great examples of quality of life updates I would personally rather see scratched off a white board of backlogged work before stuff like Thrive and more UI tweaks. :slightly_smiling_face: I bet many of us do overseeding which could benefit.

My $0.02 nobody asked for. :grin:


I would also like to add my disappointment in the slowness of adding this feature. We just installed our system, planted our grass, and now we can’t make this “smart” app run the way it needs to during the day on regular intervals but stopping at night. Not a great first impression. It seems like such a simple fix.

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No it doesn’t Franz, could you expand on this more please?

It’s not pretty but here it is.

Start with a fixed daily schedule with a specified start time. Next use run time and manual cycle / soak to determine how long and how often the schedule will run.

For example. Start at 5 am. Manual cycle of 2 minutes with a soak of 4 hours. Lastly run time of 8 minutes. This lets you start at 5 am. Run for 2 minutes and wait four hours. This will run 4 times a day (total of 8 minutes).

Just want to express my disappointment that there’s no way to set a start and end time. Seems like such a basic feature that obviously many people here need.

Such scheduling can be done using a 3rd party cron-job. This is not as easy as something that could eventually be implemented natively, but for those who need it this thread may be helpful:

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Lodging my vote for this feature I too bought Rachio intending to use as timer for new grass. It’s just beyond belief this feature isn’t a top priority. Everyone re seeds don’t they? What are ppl asking for above this feature?

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Multiple fixed schedules…


Agreed, this is a much needed feature. I too was just looking for a way to water every hour only during the heat of the day and can’t believe it’s not in the app. Seems like a pretty logical feature, and an easy fix to the app.

Feature: Water every hour, for x minutes, from 9a-7p. But currently, I can only choose the start OR stop time. So if I tell the app to water every hour, when does it stop? It just runs indefinitely? OR if I tell it to water every hour and stop at 7p, that doesn’t make sense because I haven’t input when to start.

Please fix/add this small but much needed feature. I’d much rather coding time go towards this than new features no one asked for, or paid stuff like Thrive which I won’t use, or newsletters sent to email.

Thanks Rachio team!

Rachio has a detailed explanation of how to do this in the overseeding help files. I use this schedule when I need to overseed.

This will run each zone for three minutes and then do a soak to finish out the 2.5 hour hold. Then water again for three minutes and so on. So it totals five times so from 9:30 am, 12:00, 2:30, 5:00, and 7:30 exactly and then waits until next morning. Two different ones can be setup if you want different watering times on day and night. Key is to understand how the cycle and soak works and then calculate your watering and soak times to get the intervals you want. But overall, it does exactly that although not as intuitive as it could be.

I am a gen1 user, who has recommended Rachio to countless people. I too am disappointed that this is not available. Each year at overseeding time, I check and this has not been resolved. I do not believe the cycle time method works when you have different time requirements for each zone based on the irrigation heads (for example, zone 1 - 8 minutes, zone 2 - 3 minutes, zone 3 - 3 minutes). At the very minimum, you should allow users to be able to duplicate an existing schedule so all the customization for that schedule remains and you only need to change the start time. That would make it much easier to setup 4-5 waterings during overseeding times.