New Customer - Ordered last week but no updates, no response to my ticket

Good Morning!

I placed an order for a Rachio 3 last Thursday morning and I got the initial email confirmation, but haven’t heard anything since about the Rachio shipping or any updates. The website says it should ship w/i 24 hours, so I’m not sure what’s going on and there doesn’t seem to be an order status page as far as I can tell.

I opened a ticket up two days ago for a status update, but it hasn’t been responded to yet.

Not off to a terribly impressive start here with Rachio unfortunately, is there a way to find out what’s going on with the order?

Thanks in advance!

@Jivedonkey - not sure what is going on here as Rachio is normally very responsive. I’ve kicked the beehive to see what activity will be generated.

Thanks for the heads up @DLane!

So sorry about the delays @Jivedonkey! We’re seeing some minor hiccups with shipping that should be resolved by the end of the week. :slight_smile: When your order ships, you’ll receive an email with tracking information.


I ordered mine on Monday (Earth Day). More than 24 hours has passed, and I still don’t have a shipping confirmation either. I sent in an email to support this morning about it.

I’m so sorry about that @JayKC! Keep your eye out for a confirmation email this week - everything should be back to normal by the end of the week!


Thanks for the update. Just a recommendation, having an order status page where users can see the current status and potential shipping/tracking info would be beneficial and potentially avoid some concern that perhaps an email was missed or picked up by a spam filter.

TOTALLY agree! I would love for us to build a status page like that :slight_smile:

Any updates @laura.bauman ? Getting a bit concerned I may have made the wrong choice here. :frowning:

Unfortunately no updates. I’m so sorry for the headache! I assure you no mistake was made - our recent promo simply did better than what we expected so we’re a little backed up on orders!

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I ordered mine on Thursday, 4/18 as well and still no shipping information. Can you provide at least a rough estimate of when these orders should be shipped. I’m a little concerned as I have a new irrigation system sitting idle with no timer/controller at the moment. The warm weather is beginning to hit and I don’t want to be left without a working system.

Working on getting some updated shipping dates for everyone as we speak :slight_smile:

Same issue here. I ordered mine last Wednesday (17th) and opened a support ticket and never heard anything back for a couple of days. I then contacted support on Twitter and received a response that said I would receive it by the end of this week.

It’s the end of the week and I have no shipping confirmation and no controller. To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement. It might be a little different if any of the things I’ve been told up to this point would’ve ended up being true, but to be given misinformation or no information at all is a pretty bad start for a new customer.

At this point, with the lack of information and the inevitable that this thing is not going to ship today as stated higher up in this thread that they expect to ship out units by the end of the week, I’m more inclined to just cancel my order. To have to wait 1.5 weeks to just have an item shipped is pretty bad, you’d think that I’m ordering something off of eBay that is shipping Parcel Post from China. Not a happy customer!

Hey @philly33flyers!

Lo here - I spoke with you on Twitter this week! I’m so sorry that nothing has come through yet. Our team is working extra hard to get caught up on the orders and still hope to get a good chunk of delayed orders out today.

I completely understand your disappointment and would be disappointed as well if I were you! I can assure you we’re doing everything we can to get orders out as soon as possible. Normally our shipping speed is much sooner, but with our promo exceeding expectations, we’re working to catch up as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the response but, and I’m trying to be as polite as possible - this does nothing to solve the issue. There was no communication at all about the delay and people who placed their orders are forced to dig around to try to find out what’s going on with their orders.

In addition, when running promos like you did, you should be aware that there are going to be more orders placed than usual. For a company that only has 1 specific product line, I find it hard to fathom a shipping delay of this length. At this point, the $30 savings is not worth the time that has been wasted.

I completely understand (and appreciate the politeness :slight_smile: ). I know my messages don’t solve the issue. I think we definitely could have prepared for the best case scenario better than we did! Our team has already talked about how to prevent this in the future and learn how we can a) better predict if a delay like this is going to happen, and b) better communicate it when it does!

When we learned that the delay was going to be longer than a day, we published a notice on the Help Center and made sure we had our team ready to answer any incoming questions from our customers. If you don’t mind me asking, would you have preferred we sent an email explaining that we were expecting delays? Or is there other communication (maybe an orders page?) that would have helped?

An orders page would help. A simple email blast to everyone that ordered would’ve been fine too. But again, if your only issue is a “shipping delay” and not an actual inventory issue, then it should not take this long to pack up boxes and send them out.

Even I’m also waiting for Rachio 3 order. I haven’t received any shipping details and no update for my support ticket as well. I’m bit concerned about when I’m going to receive etc. Is there any ETA (days/weeks)? so that it’s easy for us to plan.

i guess we can assume it’s not good news? :frowning:

I ordered mine on 4/19 with the same experience. This is a customer service nightmare. I learned my lesson though. Rachio 3 was available on Amazon with an overnight shipment guarantee, but I wanted to take advantage of the $30 promotion with Rachio. Greedy me! I just hope that my lawn is not cremated before the controller gets here. Very disappointing!

Another dissatisfied customer here. Ordered mine on 4/22, no shipping updates or response to my inquiry. About ready to cancel my order and buy elsewhere. Any further updates available @laura.bauman ?