New Customer - Ordered last week but no updates, no response to my ticket

Unfortunately I am in the same boat. The generic responses only exacerbate the situation. I don’t know when companies will learn that honesty is the best policy. If the delays will be several weeks or months from now then the best thing to do is just say so. To top it off you have taken our money prior to shipping the product making it even more difficult to cancel orders and get refunds, especially with the lack of response and communication. I’m beyond disappointed.

Since I did not see any updates or shipping information, and is now an additional 2 days later, I have gone ahead and just ordered the unit from Amazon. I ordered the unit today and will have it in my hands tomorrow. This backorder and lack of information is very unprofessional and if it wasn’t that I really wanted a HomeKit compatible controller, I probably would have just went with another brand by now. Since I cannot risk losing my brand new lawn, I was forced to order from amazon. It is a shame that I will now lose out on the $30 earth day promo because of this mess. I have already submitted a ticket to have my controller order cancelled.

I agree with all here, this is a horrible situation and the lack of actual information and generic responses about “our earth day promotion being better than expected” just make things worse.

I finally received an email from Rachio yesterday, but it was the delayed order notification that I should’ve gotten a week and a half ago. The email states that my order won’t be shipped until May 2nd which is a full 15 days after I actually placed my order and my card was charged in full. Assuming they do ship on this date it will probably be a full 3 weeks before the actual product is in my hands.

To me this is completely unacceptable, especially since there has been no actual solution offered to the people that have ordered and in some cases have been severely inconvenienced. Yes, it’s just a sprinkler controller - but some people may have been lining up a new install, getting new sod, etc and actually had a real need for it and expected it within a certain time frame.

You got an e-mail update from Rachio?? Still nothing here. Checked all my email folders, spam, nothing.

I also do not have any updates. Very tempted to cancel and order at Costco - but would be helpful to know if it is shipping in couple of days or couple of weeks to make the decision.

Hey friends,

So sorry for the silence on my end over the weekend - I’m checking into those of you who didn’t receive an email update.

We sincerely apologize for this situation and are working to get controllers out as fast as possible. We’re also meeting to understand how this happened and how we can prevent it in the future. We truly appreciate your patience and apologize that we’ve put you through this headache.

No worries @laura.bauman , I sincerely appreciate you are doing what you can to help and nothing at all against you personally - but I think I’ve reached my limit here with your company, and consequently the product.

For something that is 100% cloud based and is contingent on having reliable service, clear and open communication regarding any issues is key.

The fact that we’re now 11 days into this, and I’ve yet to receive an email with an update from the company or an anticipated shipping date is telling. I shouldn’t have to go hunting around on the help section of the website for a random notice posted about a delay, or e-mail support and wait 2 days to find out the status of my order, or post a thread in the community forums asking for help since my ticket didn’t get a response.

I don’t find it unreasonable to expect an order status page, or real time inventory on the website, or an email shortly after a shipment is delayed. Especially from a company that sells a technology based IOT product. We all get it, delays happen, issues come up, but the lack of a clear message and an update is beyond troubling.

First impressions are everything, and well, I think I’ve said enough above.

How do I go about requesting a refund?

@Jivedonkey I get your frustrations as I am an instant gratification kind of guy, and when I order something I want to have it right now (thanks Amazon for spoiling me). I have no idea where the delays are coming from, but I can assure you, that if you cancel and go with another product you’ll be missing out!

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Hey @Jivedonkey!

I completely understand. What you’re hoping for and expecting isn’t unreasonable and it’s something I’m personally going to continue to push for moving forward. I did shoot an email over (to the email on your community account) earlier with an updated (and set) shipping date. Let me know if that updated information changes your mind. Otherwise, feel free to shoot me a DM with your order email or order number and I can get that cancellation processed.

@laura.bauman, thanks - just got it. Looks like your email and my post crossed at the same time.

Unfortunately that’s not going to work for me, so I’d still like a refund. Sending a DM now.

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