Need help with Gen 1 wiring and rain sensor

This is what the system look like. I don’t konw if I have anything like rain sensor. How can we shut it off, because the water system is not working now.

@lllllhao - if there is no rain sensor configured in the Rachio application - hamburger (three horizontal lines on the right side at the bottom), accessories - then I think this may be an artifact of the system issue Rachio is/was having:

@lllllhao You do not appear to have a rain sensor, and need to disable the Sensor terminal within the app. Without an actual sensor properly wired into your Rachio, an enabled Sensor terminal in your device settings will always appear activated.

While activated, your schedules will not automatically execute.

To disable the Sensor, please:

  1. Open the Rachio app
  2. Navigate to Accessories (Inside the More tab on mobile devices)
  3. Select Accessories
  4. Select the Terminal with an active Rain Sensor
  5. Toggle it off