Missing History? Rachio Being Weird? Start Here! :rachio:

Hey Rachio fam!

Thank you all so much for sharing what you’ve been seeing with your controllers yesterday and today. I want to assure you that we’re working on the issue as we speak and will be sending out updates throughout the day.

In the meantime, check out the latest update from @franz below:

Team Rachio - We experienced a weeks worth of irrigation and other event time series data loss yesterday which brought about the “zero moisture” flex daily issue. The team worked throughout the night (they are still working) to recover this data. In some instances it was not recovered in time to affect some controllers flex daily morning watering. The data issue exposed some enhancements that we need to build to ensure data recovery is a much smoother and resilient process. I am continuing to work with the team to ensure this issue does not happen again. The system is still in minor flux so please wait until this afternoon to completely verify the moisture graphs looks correct and flex daily is back on track. I apologize for this incident and please know that myself and the team takes this service disruption very seriously. :cheers:

As we work to resolve the issue experienced last night, some users may receive notifications of unexpected waterings. These are merely delayed notifications indicating waterings that took place this morning at the regularly scheduled time, and are not the result of an actual watering increase. Your system is watering as scheduled. To confirm actual watering activity, check the History feed.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please click here. Otherwise, please post questions below rather than starting a new thread.

-Lo + the Rachio Team :rachio:


Is this why I see these 0%?

In my case, most historical irrigation values had been zeroed this morning, but were fixed by this afternoon, except for irrigation on 8/5/2018, which remains zero, and still corrupting calculations.

imho, it’s bad enough that we can’t correct inaccurate data, but your corrupting the existing data is just ridiculous. I’ve also seen this happen when making changes to some settings: past irrigation data sometimes gets zeroed or modified. This indicates that your software has some fundamental flaws in how it is handling and tracking historical data, and given such uncertainty, you should really consider giving us a last resort capability to directly edit the offending data (and no, “fill” and “empty” are NOT adequate!).

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I agree that full and empty could be more granular. But this solution is still pretty amazing and working for a cloud company with a large customer base I know these are challenging things to keep perfect when any human is involved.

My history, although populated now, is pretty far off in terms of prior days watered (I’m on monthly Flex).

How about turning the moisture graph daily indicators into sliders so that we can make a few fine adjustments? That would certainly go a long way toward making granular adjustments much easier than empty/fill. That would go a long way toward helping to resolve a situation like this, and is something I’ve wanted to see anyway.


history for at least last night looks accurate (i hope!) but zones and % moisture levels still aren’t accurate or updated.

Hi @cdavis, I’ve looked at your zones and they all seem to have valid moisture levels which correspond with the history feed. Could you tell me what you are or not seeing please? A screenshot would be great!

Cheers! :rachio:

Looking at Front Yard Main, I show watering last night but moisture levels at 0% with no watering shown since 8-5. Same with other zones, showing as running last night (?) in the history, but last run not updated in zones.

Likely because the last several days show no irrigation and moisture levels at or near zero, which was not true before the server issues Rachio experienced overnight.

I agree with dchau. Most of my moisture info is wrong too. I had all working except 1 zone this morning and now this afternoon about half of the zones are again wrong. What I mean is the zones should be in the 60-80% marks and now all show 0%.

It looks like some of my watering history is still missing. And it still seems to think that it’s watering according to the app.

To be honest, this has all been a little bit anxiety inducing to keep seeing all of these notifications while I’m at work today, just hoping that my yard isn’t being flooded.

Hi all, thank you again for all the feedback.

Quick update: we’re still working on getting everything resolved. The notifications are simply delays and you can be sure your lawn is not over watering.

More updates to come. Thank you for your patience!

-Lo :rachio:

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So do we need hold what watering we have scheduled so nothing over waters like what happened to some people last night???

Nope! No need to hold schedules :slight_smile:

Any updates? Still broken for me. Need to decide if I am manually watering tonight.

Hi @Avvid, Looking at your zones, they all contain a moisture balance greater than 0% so we won’t be watering tomorrow. The dashboard also shows that you won’t be watering.

Cheers :rachio:

@Avvid - some of my test Flex Daily zones look similar to the picture above. Those zones are saying their last watering date was August 2 through yesterday. Zones with a last watering date of today or August 1 or earlier have the correct allowed depletion. If the zone ran in the last week and typically runs more frequently than the interval it has been since last watering (or if you have watering restrictions where it may be a few days before it waters) then I might kick off a cycle. Otherwise, I’d wait.

@dchau, I think the concern is the zeros for the prior moisture balance at the start and the ending moisture balance is probably below MAD.

I have a couple of test Flex schedules that still illustrate the problem (5%, 4% AND 11%) and one that “watered” today at 91%. DM me if you need more info.

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@Avvid I see precipitation in your forecast for tomorrow.


@DLane We are continuing to fix previous moisture which at this point should be visual since a lot or most of the depleted schedules would have watered already since a lot would have had zero moisture (today). In your case it looks like forecasted precipitation is deferring watering for a few days. Am I overlooking something (other than the missing moisture data in the past which we will be restoring)?


@Franz, this is where my lack of time in the Flex type shows (I’m a Fixed guy due to only being able to water two days a week). I was thinking that the system would have filled up the zone since it was empty and let the rain top it off. And yes, the visual optics. I had one zone at 91%, so I’m thinking this 4/511% is way below MAD and should be filling the zone up.

Sorry if I muddied up the situation.

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