Need Help Installing Smart Timer

Hi everyone I’m a newbie on here I posted some pics below Of my current setup and the new parts I purchased to help out. I have an old sprinkler timer that is not working well. I have 2 zones. So I purchased a smart timer I know it’s not a Rachio but it was an Orbit timer and orbit relay. How difficult is this install and am I missing anything else?

Hi Mike,

Seeing how you have an index valve (likely from Florida), you will not really be able to use the best smart features which modern controllers offer. This is because for maximum water savings, your zones need to be run on demand, rather then in particular order. In long term, you’ll want to switch out your index valve with individual zones, like this (link) example, be sure to scroll down for progress photos.

You should be able to make the system work with what you are proposing, but I can’t comment on specific settings the Orbit controller needs to use in order to work with your old valve (I simply don’t know).

As far as wiring, follow the manual of the pump relay on how to install it in place of your old controller & wire it to the master valve terminal of your Orbit controller. As far as setup of controller software, I’d ask on their forms for advice.