Moisture Level Histogram for All Zones

My apologies if this has already been discussed…

This can be filed under ‘nice to have’.

I would like to be able to see the current moisture level of all my zones at once. I currently have to go into each zone individually which is time consuming and it’s difficult to remember what each zone was.

Again, not a big deal. Would just be easier and ultimately much more informative.

Thanks for your continued excellent support. I’m very impressed with the Rachio support staff.

Greatwood, TX


Yes please add this. I thought I was the only one thinking along these lines. I couldnt find any way to show this info on the web or in the android/ios apps.

@LawnNerd @garyjnj1 Thank you for the feedback and the kind words :slight_smile:

Where do you think this would be easiest to view? Would you want something like this on the dash, or maybe on it’s own screen layering all the moisture graphs? Would you want the whole graph, or just the moisture level for that day?

McKynzee :rachio:

Hello Mckynzee,

Thank you for your reply.

I believe that the best position is next to the ‘Show Disabled Zones’ button below the ‘My Yard’ zone list.

I would be content with just the current moisture levels for each zone that day. While I am a nerd and love data, having all zones on the same graph at once could be difficult to decipher. If you have any ideas on how to avoid that, however, I welcome your insight.

Thank you for considering this enhancement.

Sugar Land, TX

@LawnNerd I like it. My concern was that area being cluttered, but if you can toggle it on and off, that alleviates my worry! That you for giving some more insight :slight_smile:

Haha, I was editing my earlier reply as you responded. Sounds like we are in agreement wrt too much data cluttering the view and lowering its effectiveness. I think just a histogram for the current daily moisture levels for all active zones would be great.


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:+1: Got it. Again, will make sure to get your feedback to the team! Thank you for elaborating a bit, it’s super helpful!

Hi Mckynzee, sorry for the delayed response. I was thinking of adding it to the left-most side of the moisture chart. It would also have unit gridlines that stretch across the chart. Gridlines would be able to be toggled on or off by the user. When off, you’d only get the left-most scale with tick marks for each unit of measurement. The tick marks for major units of measure would be longer horizontally than those depicting minor units.

If you’d like to take it one step further, you could show a graphic of grass or plant type for the zone on top above the center of the chart with a few roots depicting the watering depth. If in real time, you could add motion for wind speed effects (just to make it pretty). This would be more of a visualization tool for the technically challenged. This would also be able to be toggled on or off by the user.

Finally, for the Android and IOS apps we should be able to enlarge or shrink the size of the moisture chart by “pinching” the touch screen to show more or less detail. Currently, the moisture chart is programmed (or pinned) to one fixed size on the Android.

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It’s funny that you say this because this is something we have talked about to help with visualization of this concept :joy: I also love this pinching idea. The graph is hard to read on mobile (I’m being generous with that description) and the pinching could alleviate the issues with putting a lot of info on a small screen. At times I almost wonder if the full graph should be limited to the web app. Do you often access the graph on mobile, or stick to the web since it’s easier to see?

Sorry to jump in, but I just wanted to say that when I want to see the graph, I almost always want to see details as well, so I almost always use the web app for that, even on my iPad. I don’t think you should get rid of the graph on the phone apps as I’m sure some people are used to it and probably wouldn’t be happy if it was gone, but I for one don’t bother with it there.


Hi @Myckenzee, great minds think alike. :slight_smile: Th graphic would add a nice touch. Nevertheless, the data is the most important. I tend to use either my cell or tablet most often simply because they are always with me or near me. As such I’d be most interested in 3 way implementation (Android, IOS & PC). The pinch effect would work like this, two finger pinch to zoom in, single finger touch and drag to scroll. There is a program called TeamViewer. You can check it out. It implements this kind of thing very well. So much so, that you can accurately use and control an entire PC with full functionality remotely from a cell phone screen.


There are lots of great suggestions here about possible improvements to the user interface. But none of them are going to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Let me suggest that any data that can be visualized in the UI should also be available for export, probably as an XML file. That way, if a user wants to visualize or analyze the data in a way that is not supported by the app, they can import it into Excel and process it in any way they want.

This is a follow-on to my previous suggestion:
Export configuration and activity report as a file


I strongly second this motion! It would also allow to keep track of the changes we make during the season, e.g. seasonal shade adjustments, or help the support team detect “bad” settings.


I wholeheartedly second this!