Export configuration and activity report as a file

If you want to see everything about how a system is configured, it takes many clicks to view each zone, schedule, and device individually, and there is no good way to save all of it for your records.

There should be a way to generate a complete system configuration report – all zones (including advanced settings), all schedules, device settings, etc. The result should be a single self-contained file that includes everything known about the system.

Perhaps there should also be a way to export the activity logs so that they can be imported into other tools for detailed analysis.

Possible export formats are an XML file that can be imported into Excel, or a PDF file that can be printed.

I suggest that this capability needs to be only in the Rachio website, not the mobile apps.


I wholeheartedly second this!!! Right now, I have to keep track of my configs on a spreadsheet, which I enter by hand, and I have to cut and paste the watering history log and then manipulate it. It’s a PITA. I would highly prefer an XML file. That way all of us nerds that want to keep track of more detailed info could manipulate it any way we wish.

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I definitely think this could be super useful! Do you think it would also be helpful to have a place in the app (online or on your phone) to be able to see all of your zones and a quick recap of their settings? For exporting, what kind of things would you want to be doing with this data? Is it just to be able to see it, or would you be using the numbers for other things?

For me, I’m an old computer person. I was trained to make just one change at a time and see what the results are, so that I know what change did what. So as I tweak my flex daily zones, I record what change I made and watch the results. It’s how I ended up finding out which changes made the most difference as I learned the system. And again, i like having everything recorded about each zone as it’s a backup in case something happens, either on my end or yours.

As for the watering history, I actually go through and record how much watering time each zone got on each day (I do this about once a month). It may be stupid, but I like seeing what actually happened, plus it helps with the fine tuning. And I guess I really like seeing that my system isn’t watering every day like some of my neighbors. Plus I’m too lazy to figure out the square footage of each of my zones, so this is a good way for me to see how much water I’m using. And then I also record the actual CCF’s of water usage over the billing cycle.

I don’t expect that the typical user would want to do this. But I know there are some other users out there as nerdy as me, and it really does help with the fine tuning.

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Those uses for the exported data are approximately what I had in mind also – though I may not be quite as systematic and through as Linn is!

To be clear: Yes, it would be nice to have a more streamlined way to view a summary of the zones and settings online. But that is not what I was asking for. What is essential is to be able to export a complete snapshot of the system configuration to a file that can then be reviewed offline or saved for archival purposes. Likewise for the watering history.


@Linn @eataft-
Understood! Thanks for the extra info.
Linn- you are a true flex champion LOL :joy: Love to hear you are watering less than the neighbors! Nothing better than seeing it in action!

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I agree.