Missing History? Rachio Being Weird? Start Here! :rachio:


Yeah, ironically your zone is depleted (on paper) but with the precipitation today and forecasted you are being deferred. Get on the flex wagon!



@franz, my problem is it didn’t actually rain today, and all the previous numbers are incorrect. I should be around 19% soil moisture or less, not counting for the lack of rain today. Looking for real numbers before I manually turn the system on


Even with watering allowed only on Sunday and Thursday?? I thought the recommendation was at least three allowed days of watering.

So if .9 is 100% (Flex Parkway Specific) and Flex Parkway Any is at .1 after the precipitation today, shouldn’t it water as it is below MAD of 50%. It doesn’t get above MAD until 8/12. I can understand deferring irrigation due to rain when it is above MAD, but I would have thought below MAD it would fill it up.


Yeah you are right, you and your restrictions. :wink:



Sometimes forecasted precipitation does not show up. In your case (assuming the previous data was correct) the system would correct itself in the morning and remove the forecasted precipitation. Knowing you are at 19%, I’d put the system into a one day rain delay and then just let everything take over from there (assuming it would hit depletion). The team is still working on restoring previous moisture data so I can’t guarantee that your graph will be “fixed” by tonight. Thanks for your patience.



Franz, I’ve been discussing this with the Mayor and City Manager :wink:. So far no luck, they don’t want to deal with the complications of who’s playing nice with water and who isn’t with a mix of dumb and smart controllers.

I’ll try to generate some stats between the fixed and flex and see if I can get more traction.


My daily flex schedule decided to water a single zone for more than 3 hours continuously this morning! Is it related to this issue? Not sure what this is going to do to my water bill :frowning: Purchased the Rachio to save water, not to waste it. Help Please!


The issue causing delayed notifications and events has been resolved. However, we’re currently working through data recovery for affected users. For the most up to date information, you can follow our progress here.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!



I had the same thing happen 2 hours and 45 mins.


I’m still having notification/event issues. My app is still showing “watering” per my screenshot above regardless if it’s actually watering or not. I’m currently running a “quick run” for a zone and the screen in the app looks exactly the same, meaning there is no bar across the bottom to control the currently running zone. The only way to stop it appears to be manually going over to the controller and hitting the stop button.


Hey @texascrane

Are things still looking weird? Our team took a look at your account and it seems to look okay from our end. Keep us posted :slightly_smiling_face:

-Lo :rachio:


Thanks for the follow-up. Everything appears to be normal now. I got a notification about 9pm stating that my rachio had lost it’s connection. I could still see it on my home network. I went out and power-cycled it and when it came back online everything seemed to be back to normal.


PHEW! that’s great news :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep us posted if anything weird pops back up.


Hello Laura and all,

I received an e-mail stating that missing data had been recovered. This is not the case for my account - I’m missing everything from July 27th through August 8th. Can someone please let me know when this is expected to reflect in my history again?


Hey @bytemaster0

Sorry for the delay. How are things looking now? Our team was able to go back in to make sure everything was looking right.

-Lo :rachio:


I have two controllers. The history is restored in VRO634416 and appears normal. It generated a schedule.

Controller VRO695350 has no history and his not generating a schedule.

There are no scheduled events upcoming.

Now what?


@Bwilliam Looks like your schedule is disabled. If you re-enable should be good to go.



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