MiCasaVerde Vera Plus integration (MiOS)

Would be great to integrate the Iro into the Vera MiOS home controller. I know that it’s been suggested before, but a year later still nothing in progress? Vera is just as powerful as Samsungs ST, Nexia, Wink, etc.


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Do you know the integration process? We have an open API if any ambitious developer wants to build off of it :wink:


I have a Vera Plus Z-Wave controller too. This would be a fantastic integration!!

Take a look at this and this for staters maybe.

Here’s a link to the Vera Itself.

I’m not really a coder so hopefully we can work this solution together.

Vera Plus is an amazing Home Controller… It’s a shame that less capable controllers already have integration. I’m certainly not a developer or I’d take on the challenge. I’d help fund a plugin if that was an option.



@Christopher72 Is there a VP forum? Might see if any developers are lurking over there…can’t imagine it would take that long to build a plugin, but I don’t know how their integrations work.





MiOS has created one unifying application capable of universal device interoperability among thousands of deployed products, whether powered by Z-Wave, Zigbee, 6lowpan, Wi-Fi Direct, Insteon, Bacnet, PLC or X10 technologies, among others.

Because the MiOS user interface is completely independent from the MiOS engine, developers, OEM vendors, solution providers, and integrator/dealers can easily create their own unique and focused customer experience.

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Anything new on this?

Searching “Vera” on this forum shows that this topic comes up every few months or so and there’s a little discussion about it and then crickets. My take is that Rachio really has no interest in integrating with Smart Home Controllers other than the ridiculously over-priced Nest Thermostat. This is sad.

Hey @Sammy2,

We offer quite a few integrations beyond Nest, which are listed on our Integrations page:

We love integrations, but they take quite a lot of resources to develop. It’s helpful to hear who wants something like this, so thanks very much for posting. At the moment, we don’t have a plan to develop this ourselves, which I believe is why @franz was seeing if there was someone who might help us with it.

I see that Nexia is Z-Wave so it really shouldn’t be so hard to do the integration to Vera. The Vera Plus controller works with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth and WiFi devices and is the most versatile controller on the market today. If I knew how to code I’d do it myself but I don’t. I’m willing to test alpha and beta code on my system though. TIA.

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How’s the Vera Integration coming along?


@Sammy2, no new news on this.

I just want to throw my name in here as another user looking for Vera / MiOS integration. The biggest use case I’m wanting out of the support is to have the sprinklers turn on when there is a smoke alarm alert. I have no developer or coding experience so I am of no use to help create the plug in but would be willing to send some beer money to whoever builds it.

Would also like to support a Vera integration. My rachio is the only device in my house I haven’t been able to integrate into my Vera.

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While I’m not aching for integration, I’ll just also chime in that I’m a MiOS user (using a trusty VeraLite). While perhaps not a top priority, it seems that any integrations like this would add value to both systems, and would be appreciated by their combined user base.

This thread might also be a good place for interested people to note how they might benefit from such integration.

As mentioned above, triggering sprinklers based on a smoke alarm makes sense.

Another scenario might be to pause sprinklers (in a zone?) based on a motion detector being triggered.

(I would suppose the inverse of the above might also be useful if you want to make moving things wet.)

If you wish, please post ideas (or duplicates of existing integration uses) in this thread for others to see.


@kelpayne It is incredibly useful when you guys post how you would use the integration! Thank you for that recommendation :blush: It also helps quite a bit because I am less familiar with MiOS

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The possibilities are really only limited to imagination. If you have automated windows or at least contact sensors, and the nearby sprinkler zone is on, and windspeed >X. then close windows, notify owner, or cancel zone…etc. Rachio does a great deal to act upon the data it collects that is relevant to its main task, but without integration with a home controller, cannot be modified to deal with external events or scenario complexity.

This may be the realm currently of enthusiasts, but its becoming more and more mainstream.

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i commented on a few other threads but any updates on Vera? its about the only thing holding me back.

+1 for Vera integration!!!