Meet the Rachio 3 Smart Water System (aka Wireless Flow Metering!) :rachio:


Well, I ordered to replace my Rachio 2. The flow meter is great and the weather forecasting upgrade is fun/useful (even if being honest could have been added in software to Rachio 2 and earlier).


  1. Will the Rachio 3 mount using the same wall mounting pattern as my Rachio 2, ie. simply unmount the 2 and directly mount the 3 in its place, or am I going to be patching the wall for new mounting patterns?

  2. Will the Weather Intelligence system also allow me to integrate my existing PWS as a data point as the system does today?

Thanks. Best of continued luck to your team after a quiet 2017 and I continue to hope that if and when Apple has a HomeKit solution you find a way to integrate your existing controllers as I’m not sure I want to get a Rachio 4 anytime soon. :wink:


The MSRP on the website has it listed for $329 with a pre-sale for $279. That is $50 off. Then you add the $20 coupon at checkout and you get $70 off MSRP. Am I missing some math somewhere?


I agree, the math doesn’t add up for me either…


Will the Wireless Flow Meter be able to cut off water when temperatures drop?


it’s confusing but as i understand it this is what Rachio is saying:

  1. The MSRP of the bundle saves you $20 off buying the parts individually (wall unit + flow). this is confusing because at launch they appear not to be selling the flow meter separately, but i suppose that is coming in the future and if bought seperately would retail for $399.99 not $379.99 as the bundle is priced.

  2. The bundle itself is further reduced $50 if you preorder by mid-April.

  3. If you enter the code from the email as a previous Rachio owner you get another $20 off.

That totals $90 off the price if you bought the items AT RETAIL, and SEPARATELY. The totals on the Rachio preorder site already bake in the $20 bundle reduction so it is “hidden.”

PS: I noticed some Rachio employees liked this so if you are still reading, perhaps editing the presale page is in order to prevent too many questions… :wink:


Thanks Bold, that explanation was much better than mine :grinning:

@hawkman Sorry my number was wrong in my reply, 350 MSRP for the 8 zone. I think the websites grayed out number 330 is the bundle discount like bold described.


that makes sense now but not to the untrained eye.


Can you add additional zones later if you get the 8?


+1 I currently rely on a plugin for my HomeSeer server to talk to the rachio cloud service. Being able to watch/control the device natively via Z-Wave would truly make this a smart home device and not just another “connected device.”


We have been big fans of rachio, having v2 controllers installed in both our houses. A bit of a bummer that we have to buy and install an entirely new system just to get the flow metering (which granted is a very valuable feature for us). Do you know when the systems will be out in the market broadly?


Pass. New hardware, beta flow sensor and some marketing speak weather intelligence for the low low price of $318.98!!!

PS Colorado Tax calculation looks highly suspect too. 8.99 on $309.99


Curious about the international use or effectiveness of the Enhanced Weather Intelligence Plus feature.

As a Canadian customer, we often can’t enjoy the same features as just below the 49th parallel.


Thanks for the update. I purchased Gen 1 and 2. Would love to purchase gen 3 if I knew Homekit was in the works. I have a ring pro and don’t mind waiting for Homekit but at least I know it is coming and I don’t have to buy something different. I just don’t want to get blindsided by a new Homekit version of Rachio which would mean I wasted my money and would have to buy another unit.

Any word that would give some hope of Homekit on Gen 3 in the future?


looks like they increased the MSRP to reflect getting $70 off plus the $20 coupon. The email was misleading .



What about using a wired flow meter with the Rachio 3? I can’t tell if there is a hardware port for that.

I don’t mind the wireless one but I already have a wired one that was costly so I’d like to potentially reuse it.


Didn’t think twice. Purchased!



Hey @LLWarrenP! You can wire your existing flow meter to your Rachio 3.


Hey @LLong-

WI+ will have support for international users :tada:!


If I sell my old iro and remove it from my account before the Rachio 3 arrives, will my settings be saved and applied to Rachio 3 upon install?