Meet the Rachio 3 Smart Water System (aka Wireless Flow Metering!) :rachio:

The Rachio team is excited to give our community a sneak peek and first dibs at the newest addition to our hardware family. The Rachio 3 Smart Water System includes the new Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler controller and Rachio’s new Wireless Flow Meter.

Check out the highlights below!

New Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller Features:

  • Enhanced Weather Intelligence Plus gives you hyperlocal weather for improved scheduling
  • Easy peasy installation with improved one touch connectors
  • On-unit Pause, Run, and Skip controls
  • Magnetic faceplate with access to on-unit controls
  • 2.4 and 5gHz support
  • 900MHz long-range radio to support wireless accessories (like the Flow Meter!)

Rachio Wireless Flow Meter Features:

  • High and low flow leak detection and notifications
  • Instant zone shut-off triggered by leaks
  • Highly-sensitive Vortex technology (no moving parts) that allow system maintenance like winterization without removing.
  • Amazingly accurate outdoor irrigation usage data

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller will be shipping in April 2018, and the Wireless Flow Meter will be shipping in May 2018. Learn more and PREORDER TODAY at

We told you this would be an exciting season :wink: :cheers:



Thank you for making dreams come true!



Well this looks interesting! Any trade in deals being considered to soften to cost? :slight_smile:

What radio tech is the flow meter using? My current gen 2 unit is kind of far from the water supply line in our basement where I’d have to attach it to the irrigation, and there are a few walls including a cement one between them. If it joins the same local WiFi periodically to report in that’d be awesome!

Video demos please. :smiley:


Ok, I obviously will be buying one. :wink:

Is the old rachio 2 outdoor enclosure compatible or do I need a new one?

Where can we learn more about “hyperlocal” satellite weather? Does this mean I don’t need my PWS anymore?

Battery life on the flow meter? Mine has to be buried, will that affect battery life?



Good morning and I’m excited to answer a couple of your questions!

  1. The Rachio 3 will work with the existing outdoor enclosure.
  2. More information on Weather Intelligence Plus coming soon, but I can tell you that it will not require a PWS.
  3. Battery life on the Wireless Flow Meter is 2 years.

wow! this is awesome! Man, now you made me want to upgrade…lol


Any possibility of Rachio adding the improved weather intelligence to previous versions?


What size is the pipe on the flow meter?

Yeah, we need some details about the flow meter such as pipe size. Also, is it for zones or the main line or both? In existing systems, it looks like you will need to buy a separate coupler to attach it (because the pipes in the existing system are buried and can’t stretch), is that right?

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They do say it is to be installed post backflow preventer which means it is for the main line and not zones.

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By chance is the flow meter compatible with the older rachios? Have two of them installed in our homes and would really love the flow meter, but am hoping not to have to buy another complete controller plus the meter plus installation…when the v2 controllers we have are working perfectly.


Just pre-ordered mine with the discount code to upgrade my current gen2 controller. Thank you!


I have a pool auto-fill system that is piped to the irrigation line. Will this cause the flow meter to generate false positives for leaks when the auto-fill activates?

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So the flow meter goes on the main line, eh. Well, the HOA I’m using it with has a 4" main line (why they did that I have no idea) and my house has a 2" main line. I’m betting that thing isn’t going to work with either one unless I neck them down.

Does the flow meter have to be installed after the backflow preventer? It says it is recommended to install where there is 18 inches of straight pipe, is that before the flow meter?

@johnny2678 just in case you didn’t see @timber’s reply above, the Rachio 3 is compatible with the Generation 2 outdoor enclosure.

We estimate 2 years. Battery status will be displayed in the Rachio app with reminders to change :slight_smile:


1 inch

The flow meter should be installed on the main line. Using time stamps from the controller, we can connect individual zone runs and usage in the cloud.

No, the long range radio is required to communicate with the Rachio wireless flow meter.

Interesting use case and good question. We’ll need to design a configuration for this.

We recommend installing on pipes 1 inch in diameter or smaller. Accuracy will be reduced installing on larger pipes.

After the backflow. The flow meter would be installed within the 18" section of straight pipe. We’ll post more visuals soon.


Yes, definitely tell us how the flow meter is going to work with older controllers. I mostly want this for leak detection while away traveling. We had that wonderful experience once …

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Ah, I found some info about the flow meter here (don’t know why I couldn’t find that before):


Detail on Flex Radio please. What is it using? Line of site and obstructed range? Frequency?