Meet the Rachio 3 Smart Water System (aka Wireless Flow Metering!) :rachio:


Hey @scorp508-

It is a 900MHz long-range radio.


@emil : “The flow meter should be installed on the main line. Using time stamps from the controller, we can connect individual zone runs and usage in the cloud.”

Does this mean we will also be able to see all other water usage in our homes aside from sprinklers?


Is it going to be Homekit compatible?


Thanks @mckynzee, that’s the same general frequency range as Z-Wave so I’m hopefully it will work. I have z-wave+ switches right next to my G2 and I think they are able to make a direct connection to my z-wave controller in the basement next to the irrigation feed. :cheers:


No word on HomeKit yet @PaperFriend, sorry! Until Apple officially releases an irrigation profile, we cannot comment on HomeKit.


So this is a bit of a quibble probably, but the email I got about using the code to get a total of $90 off the pre-order of the combined Rachio 3 & Flow Meter only gives you a total of $70 off (unless I am missing something, which could very well be the case :slight_smile: ). Is there another code I should be using?


Somewhere (maybe in the flow meter PDF?) you mention that in the future we will be able to connect 2 flow meters to one controller. Is that going to be a software only upgrade? Or will it require upgraded hardware for either the flow meter, the Rachio 3 or both? This question has obvious implications for purchasing now vs later.




We are targeting 2 years (2 AA batteries) and are continuing to test and refine the hardware/firmware.



Are all hardware revisions on the same codebase?

or another way to ask the question - other than flow meter measurements (which you could already do via hardware), will the Rachio 3 operate differently than Rachio 2?

Still using MAD for ET calcs? Will hyperlocal weather allow for more frequent calendar/moisture chart updates?


I also noticed this… I just placed the order but am also wondering where the $90 value came from…using a 16 zone and the code I could only get $70…


I hope this water flow meter is compatible to z-wave so that I can use it with Smartthings.
I have two branches of water line for irrigation. So two zones uses from main water line and other 3 zones uses from another branch of main line.

It means, I cannot put water flow meter for irrigation only. I should attach it to main water line.
Since I also have water leak sensor in my bathrooms, under the kitchen sink area, near the water heater, it would be good to shut off water if any water leak is detected by the leak sensor too (not only the detection of flow meter itself)


How do you get $90 off? No matter what I added to my cart, I still only ended up with saving a total of $70 off list ($50 off pre-sale + $20 coupon). Am I missing something? The email said save up to $90.


Nice! Any trade in offers or special discounts for those of us who have Gen 1s and supported you from day 1?! :slight_smile:


Same here, waiting to see if this changes before I complete the order.


Hey @hawkman! I understand the confusion here, this was unclear. We are giving $50 for presale, $20 with the coupon, and $20 off MSRP for the Flow+Rachio 3 bundle.


So, it’s actually just $70 and not $90?
(The bundle, that is)


Unlikely given HomeKit support has been requested since the original unit was introduced.


The website currently has it down from $330 to $280 (that’s the $50) and when I applied the discount I got another $20 off to make it $260. Where is the other $20?


How do you get the extra $20 for the Flow+Rachio bundle then to make it $90? I put the bundle in my cart, applied the coupon and it is only down $70.


She’s saying the MSRP of the bundle is actually 350. But for the pre-sale and 20 coupon, we’re saving 90 off the MSRP price. No worries, thanks McKynzee! I just put my order in. Can’t wait!