Manual run should remember previously run zone

Here’s a simple suggestion for making manual runs (via the app’s remote control icon) much more usable.

Currently, when you run a zone manually via the iPhone app and press Stop, the app forgets your zone selection and resets it to “All Zones” every time. This becomes really tedious when you are working on a specific zone.

Instead, it should remember the zone from the last manual run, until you exit manual mode.

That way, it will be much easier to fix a sprinkler, test it, work on it some more, test it again, etc. All zone and timing selections should be remembered until you press “X” at the top.


Great idea! I hate fumbling around with the phone with muddy, wet hands. Anything to make it easier!

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I do this with the Amazon Echo rather than my phone. “Alexa, start Rachio”
“Please tell me the zone to run and how long to run it for.”
“Run zone 6 for 5 minutes.”
“Ok, running Zone 6 for 5 minutes.”

Of course I do have to open the back door and stick my head inside to talk to her.

I use Alexa a lot when making dripper and sprinkler head repairs. A novelty, but very useful nonetheless. The tie-in was the reason I chose Rachio over other wifi timers.

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I was just getting ready to post the same thing. This would probably be a 5 min development fix on the platform. Please make this change!

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I also would like this enhancement. I just posted a new thread with some overall improvements I’d like to see to the Manual Run user interface. View it here and give it some love.

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