Manual Run (Remote Control) - UI Improvements

The Manual Run (remote control) feature is useful but the user interface is frustrating. So far, I’m using remote control when I’m troubleshooting sprinkler heads and drip emitters, and I need to turn the zone on, watch for a few seconds, shut off, clean/repair/replace, and turn back on. And I need to do this over and over again. It takes four taps just to turn on a zone, and most frustratingly, it always defaults to All Zones, which means half the time I accidentally turn on all zones and inevitably I get soaked.

I’d like to suggest a few changes:
1 - The default should be “pick a zone” and the options are All Zones, as well as each individual zone.
2 - The alert that comes up when the manual schedule has started is redundant (and annoying). This alert should not be displayed on the device that just initiated this action.
3 - When the Stop button is pressed, the screen defaults back to All Zones. It would be better if it stayed on the zone it was just on. (also requested by another user here)
4 - Better yet, add a quick on/off remote control button to each zone in the My Yard section of the main screen. Give me a way to quickly turn a zone on and off without a lot of steps.

Hey @HandyMaam-

Our remote UI is a huge opportunity for improvement, and we plan on changing this with our upcoming software update to resolve many of the issues you cited. Thank you for your feedback!

McKynzee :rachio:

It’s been a year since I started the other thread that HandyMaam refers to. Sadly the Rachio smartphone UI hasn’t improved at all.

Item #4 above is a great idea. When I turn on a zone manually, I don’t have any specific duration in mind. Just turn it on until I turn it off.

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