Making forums more accessible

I thought that early last year the forum link was available from the home page, then about a year ago it was moved under the support page. Now I have trouble seeing it there.

Note that I select the link here, it goes to a page that does not show the Community button.

I’m not sure if that is specific to my browser but the URL gets resolved to:

That page only shows the FAQs and Support Articles. If I change the link to just, I can see the Community link.

  1. Is this a global problem, or just something specific to me ?
  2. Have you considered putting a ‘Community’ link back ?

@azdavidr - See if this answers your question -> Website tweaks

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Thanks @DLane!

You are correct- the main website did used to be on that main page and it got pulled. I would love to get it back… I am fighting the good fight I promise!

However, the other problem you highlighted is not just limited to you (I just replicated it) and is definitely an issue. I am going to speak to our web developer now and see if she can get this resolved. Thank you for making us aware!

McKynzee :rachio: