Website tweaks

I’ve noticed that if you click support from the rachio homepage, it will not longer show the community links

Note that URL has “?_ga=…” ID, when that ID is removed (via the URL link or by clicking home on the top right), links show up:

Something to look into :wink:


P.S. Could we make the top left rachio logo within the point to instead of I keep clicking it with expectations that it would bring me to the community page, rather then the general landing page. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Gene!

This happened because we removed to google custom search from our support site, while I loved having the community posts there, we got a lot of feedback that it was too much information being put in front of new users. Working to see if there is a middle ground.

That top right logo gets me EVERY TIME. Let me see if I can work some magic. Will report my findings…

McKynzee :rachio:

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I’m magic :tada: what do you think?



@mckynzee I like it that the official solution to this is that you are magic :wink:

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@Gene I’m just trying to be @franz

@mckynzee, so how does a new user, or better yet a shopper checking out various companies’ products, know that there is a forum to begin with ? I know that for me, looking at the user community played a large part in my purchase of the product. The natural progression is usually company website -> forum, or company website -> support, but neither of those gets you to the Rachio community forum.

You have to specifically know to type out, or It seems there should always be some way to ‘click through’ directly from

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When you discovered the community, did we still have the link to the community on the main site? I don’t want to muddle support searches, but I agree that the community deserves more visibility. What do you think about a little blurb at the bottom of support searches referencing the community? Something like “Didn’t find what you were looking for? Join the conversation on the Rachio Community!”

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Yes, it was on the main site, top-right. It absolutely made a difference in my purchase as your competitors forums were bleak. I liked that there was community energy behind the product. Of course I’m sure that there are people that just want to plug it in and walk away, and maybe the concern is that it would scare them away?

Something, anything, would be better than how it is now. It seems purposely hidden. Is the feeling that it would be too much to have it as a menu pick from the support page too?


I definitely agree. I recently hung around the Wemo website to learn a bit more about their smart home products. Community is nestled in there right next to support, and I found info in there very valuable.

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