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Rachio support was recently added to Google Home, however, when I get to the point of ‘linking’ my Rachio to the Google Home, it doesn’t return. Any ideas of what might be limiting this?

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Hi Bruce,

At what point in the process exactly are you running into trouble? Were you already prompted for your Rachio Login?

If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out our How-To Guide for Setting up Google Home.

I set this up no problem on my device…

Hi, Mitch. Thanks for the response.

I get all the way to the point of ‘Allow Access’ which I click on but it never returns back to me and never completes. Any ideas on what might be holding this up?

Thanks for your help…


In using a different phone (my wife’s iPhone, instead of my Samsung S7 Edge), I was able to successfully link the Rachio to Google Home. However, when I ask Google Home to ‘talk to Rachio’ it still says the accounts are not linked.

I was finally able to get the linking working between Google Home and Rachio by the following steps:

  1. Using my wife’s iPhone instead of my Samsung S7 Edge, as the linking never completed on the S7 Edge.
  2. When using my wife’s iPhone, my account was signed into the Google Home, so that the Rachio would associate my name and voice instead of my wife’s name and voice.
  3. Once linked, I signed out of the Google Home app on the iPhone, and signed into Google Home on my S7 Edge.
  4. The Google Home recognizes my voice and I’m able to talk to Rachio via Google Home.

So, bottomline, if you use an iPhone, the setup works well. If you use an S7 Edge, the process never completed for me.

Is this really the solution Rachio? The Rachio support team does not have any answers?

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I believe the post above yours is from a year ago. Are you experiencing issues with the Google Home integration now?

Dan :rachio:

Yes. I also have an open service request and was pointed to this answer.

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