Leak Detection

One of, if not my biggest pain point with irrigation is leak detection. It would be invaluable to have a feature that alerts me when one of my circuits is using substantially more water than usual, so that I can go out and find+fix the source of the leak ā€“ dumping 10 gallons of water a minute on a broken drip pipe for an hour is a recipe for both a huge water bill and a ton of wasted water in a drought-ridden state.

Some folks have already suggested Flume integration (e.g., Flume integration), which has an API and could power this fairly easily. Iā€™m at the point of wanting to hook the two APIs together myself, but I doubt Iā€™m the only one with this use-case and so I wanted to share the suggestion publicly.

Hi Gangeli, there are a few inline flow meter options that wire directly to your Rachio to detect leaks. Have you considered something like this?

I believe the wireless flow meter was discontinued, and running a cable from my main water line all the way to the Rachio is pretty infeasible :frowning:

A new wireless solution will be released this spring that will work with Rachio. You can DM for details.

What is the product so I can be on the lookout?


I am not allowed to post a link in the forum. Just stay tuned to www.everydropmeters.com. We designed and built the initial Rachio flowmeter. Our own version will be compatible with any controller since it will just be a wireless bridge which converts back to a wired output to connect to any controller with a flow input.

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Would this need a meter on every valve? We have quite a few valves, and there should be little interference between them (Rachio runs at night, and only one valve is on at a time), which would actually make main-line monitoring more desirable all things equal.