Flume integration

It would be really nice to integrate the data of when my sprinklers run with the flume data. Flume has trouble telling me when there is something actually wrong because I have a very large yard. When the sprinklers run they can draw anywhere up to 29 gallons per minute. The drip can be way down to two or three gallons per minute. This can go on for 8 hours into the evening… There is no way to know whether this is correct or incorrect. If Rachio could provide an integration with Flume so when a particular sprinkler is running a profile exist to tell you something is wrong…


Yeah, I think B-hyve does it. Seems like a high priority feature to me for Rachio to stay competitive.

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Yes you are right this is what I was hoping Rachio would support soon:

Real-Time Monitoring & Leak Detection:** B-hyve and Flume work together to provide you with water usage reporting, highlighting abnormal flow rates, preventing overwatering or possible leaks in broken sprinkler lines or heads saving you money on your water bill.