Is there a way to enter K and Offset for a specific flow meter?

I’m interesting in using the CST ELF Series flow meter as it has much better low flow capabilities than the FSI series. Is it possible to enter/adjust the K and Offset for flow meters anywhere?

CST ELF series -

Thanks for any input.

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Bump. If this isn’t possible from the app, can support update it for my account? I’m trying to find a way to use this newer updated flow meter.

It seems nobody has answered. I’m curious, have you resolved the issue? If so, how? I would like to think that Rachio is flexible enough to accomodate new values.

The silence from Rachio has been deafening on this topic


Any update? I’m an installer and have been asked for flow sensor more often but most are too expensive. This new CST sensor would be great

We can offer you a better solution that will also solve your compatibility problem. Our vortex meter is programmed with the same K and offset that the original 1" CST meter has which is already in the Rachio and other controllers. We are now available on Amazon and you can find the product here: Model 1004-EX

Reminder of the advantage of vortex over paddle meters:
-No rotating parts to wear over time (or be contaminated)
-Calibration does not change over time
-Specified accuracy of +/- 2% (Many times better)
-Does not have to be removed for blow out.
-Low pressure drop
-Also, this version has display for easier troubleshooting.
-Comes with unions for easy installation.
-MSRP $119 with introductory price of $99

So you obviously made these for Rachio previously, but can’t/don’t/won’t offer one with the same wireless connectivity?

@tmcgahey - I think the deeper integration between the WFM and the Rachio Gen 3 is intellectual property (IP) of Rachio and not @MeterManSays. Now if Rachio licensed the IP to a third party like Apple does with the Made for iPhone, etc. that would be a different story.