Is my new Flow Meter DOA?

Been trying to pair it since Memorial Day, and it refuses. Held my phone next to it to see if I could see it with a Bluetooth scan and NOTHING. Sent at least 2 requests in for help and still received no response as of today.

Can someone at Rachio help me please??!?!

Flow meter is not operating on a Bluetooth protocol or frequency. It is designed to communicate directly with Gen 3 controllers. During the pairing process the batteries need to be removed and reinserted during an appropriate step of the process as guided by the Rachio app.

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Yup - did all that. So if its not Bluetooth (which is used when the word "pairing is stated), what protocol does the meter and controller use to talk?

It is a proprietary protocol, designed by Rachio specifically for this application. Communication is done over 915 Mhz frequency (vs bluetooth’s 2.4 GHz).

@jim06 - what version of software is loaded on your Rachio? What generation of Rachio do you have?

How close is the flow meter to the Rachio? What is between the Rachio and the flow meter - e.g. buried, stucco walls, etc.

sw version: iro3-firmware-hk-5-632
3rd gen controller
flow meter is on opposite side of a foundation wall, approx. 7 ft apart, not buried

@jim06 - I’d pull the batteries from the flow meter then power cycle the Rachio and try to reconnect. If the WFM still won’t connect, I’d PM @Franz your serial number and have them set the firmware on your Rachio back a version to 615 - that seemed to fix it for some.