Iro going offline (not reconnecting)

(I already have a back-and-forth with Support, but thought I’d share)

I’m having an issue where I get the ‘Your Iro is Offline’ mail from time to time. My network goes down, and then the Iro never reconnects. The mail isn’t great - it doesn’t tell you what to remove the issue or how to tell if your Iro is still offline.

  • You can check if it’s still offline by launching the app
  • the only way to get it back online is to unplug and replug it in

I’ve been told the Iro tries to connect to WiFi every 9 minutes.

Hope it helps if someone else has this issue. And Iro support has been great about working with me.

Glad to see that I am not the only one with this issue. I hope that they can get it fixed. Sometimes I catch it using the app but the last one I didn’t know until I got the email that the Iro hadn’t checked in for 24 hours. Nice that they do send the emails thought.

@p3pilot‌ Would you mind sending us your router make and model and your service provider at ?

@jordanreed‌ and @p3pilot‌ would you be able to tell me if you experienced a power outage, wifi issue, loss of internet service or combo of all?

I had the same issue. Tried to connect to the controller, but the app said IRO was offline. I had not yet set up watering schedule and had been about 1 week. In fact, that’s what I was trying to do. I had noticed that the Wi-Fi light was not on earlier that day. Unplug the controller and re-plugged it in and it connected quickly. I have been watching the controller and have noticed the Wi-Fi light not on, but I am able to launch the app successfully. It would be nice to know how the controller behaves and whether the Wi-Fi light is to be blinking all the time or just when communicating with the router.

Hi everyone,

Along with our cycle soak functionality, soon to be released, we will be updating the Iro’s firmware to better handle some of the reconnect issues you are seeing.

If unplugging and plugging back in your device brought it back online, the firmware update will most likely fix your issues.

Thanks. Sorry I didn’t get the information to you. I would traveling a bit and just saw your message tonight. Mine is definitely related to power losses as far as I can tell. If we have a storm and I just lose power for a blink, it seems to lose the wifi connection. It could be happening other times, but it is definitely happening with a short power loss.


New user here. I’m having the same issue of my connection being dropped. A simple power cycle gets things working again right away. The WiFi led is off when I find it in the disconnected state. I’m using a Meraki Mini link to my house Linksys wiFi. No power outages have been noticed. My Insteon Hub hasn’t had issues nor my Honeywell thermostats. (And they aren’t shy of dropping their connnections!)

@Bon We deployed some code that might help reconnect the device on the mobile app. If it looks offline in the mobile app try clicking on the refresh icon on the picture of the Iro. We are also trying to determine if there are any cases where the device appears offline but it truly online.

@Bon We might have found an issue with the firmware that could show the device as offline but in reality it is online. Will be pushing this firmware change over the weekend and hopefully it will clear up some of this noise. Also, the WiFi led will turn off after 60 minutes of plugging the device in.

Thanks Franz & Chris for your quick work and attention on this, much appreciated !

@Wildcatz_1‌ The updated firmware has been released. Let us know if you have any more issues.


@franz‌ How can we tell if the updated firmware has been applied, and would it have required a reboot to apply itself?

@jimmyjimjim‌ At 1 pm cst my iro power cycled. My irrigation guy was over and we were adjusting heads when everything stopped working for 5 min. Check your history log.

@jimmyjimjim‌ @smw006007‌ Yes, firmware was released @ 12PM MST yesterday. Next firmware releases will not reboot the Iro if there is any activity (i.e. watering) taking place.

@smw006007‌ @franz‌ Yes, I’d already noted that mine booted itself twice at that time, complete with a ‘back end at capacity’ message when trying to access the history. Hence the question - I’d assumed that this was the case, but wanted to be sure, as I average 2 reboots a day, and wanted to know if this was an ‘expected’ one or not.

Interested to see that the neither the phone or the web app report offline/online activity anymore, even that which you’d previously associate with a reboot.

The web app no longer has any record of any historical offline/online activity?

Yes I thought that was weird as well… Kinda hard to tell if the controller is offline or online. Guessing this is a temp fix to a more permanent fix?

@franz‌ - ok this is minor… but you mentioned something that I have found odd… why does the wifi light turn off after 60 mins? I’ve walked by the iro several times and thought it was disconnected because the light was off, only to be able to connect the app just fine. It seems like this might worry new users unnecessarily. Why not keep the light on whenever a wifi connection is active?

@svento‌ It’s not really a LED to signify if the Iro is on WiFi, and that is on us. Its main purpose is for onboarding the Iro or reconnecting to a different WiFi source. If the light is flashing, it means the Iro is able to perform one of these functions. I agree the label WiFi seems misleading because you assume it is for the WiFi connection.