Iro going offline (not reconnecting)


@chris‌ @franz‌ everything working great on mine now, thanks for your quick attention to this issue ! Only issue I am seeing in the iOS app now is that I cannot tap into Zones Watering Times, History etc. Buttons like master valve etc toggle but cannot tap into those other areas now. Will continue to play as this may be iOS related as a dev, but wanted to mention it just as a heads up


@Wildcatz_1‌ Your account data looks fine. The History does take a bit of time to load the first time, but you shouldn’t have any problems. Are you running version 1.5 of the app?


@matt‌ Its not really a timing issue as more of a cant tap or press on those period. Yes running 1.5. As mentioned though I think this is an issue between iOS and the app. As a dev I am running 8 beta 5 and everything was working in beta 4, now seems to be an issue with anything other than toggle buttons on the Rachio app. Obviously this being a beta OS I certainly only wanted to flag it as a concern and one I noticed immediately on using your app on beta 5 over 4 to help get ahead of the curve. Thanks


@Wildcatz_1‌ Got it. Thanks for the heads up.


I’m seeing the same thing here on IOS 8 beta 5.


New IRO user. First off the thing is incredible. I concur with many users who suggest easier use/run programs witout connection to the cloud would be extremely useful.

This week we had an overnight power outage. When we got up the power was on but IRO reported being offline. All other INet functionality in the house was working well. Recycled power on the IRO several times and nothing changed from th “offline” message. Being a little lazy I recycled power on my ASUS RT-N66U. Went back to check on IRO…it was up and running. Guessing IRO came up searching for a connect point and the router was still booting. Resulted in permanent impairment of IRO. That’s a guess. Anyway, I now don’t dare leave home for any length of time for fear of losing my garden due a power outage.


Hey @CoolBreez-

Thanks for sharing your experience. Just to clarify, your controller will continue to run the last saved schedule when it is offline as long as it has power. While ideally it would reconnect, you can rest easy if you are traveling and it struggles reconnecting!

McKynzee :rachio: