iOS and Android Beta Testing starting tomorrow for 2.6 Software

Our acceptance of Beta testers is now closed, we will be sending an email to all our existing beta testers tomorrow in regards to the 2.6 software release.

Thanks for everyone’s assistance with testing, and we are very excited to get flex schedules back to first class status as well as a more descriptive schedule on-boarding process.

:cheers: :colorado:


@franz. So the new “Flexible Daily” = the old “Flex”, and “Flexible Monthly” = the previous “As Needed”, setting aside any incremental changes to either.

Also, if I blow away an old Flex schedule and create a new one, will my moisture levels get reset to empty?


Yes, functionality is identical.

No, zone moisture levels are independent of flex schedules.


@franz Excellent. Enjoy your weekend!

I have been driving all through the iOS. Very tight release, ordering zones is nice, the increment feature on flex is nice. All the issues I had with the last 2 releases are worked out.

So far so very very good. I have been through every part of the app except tweaking the fixed schedules I have.

I’ll let these other schedules run for a few days on my shadow zones, but all in all, so very very tight.


When @plainsane says it’s ready, we ship :wink:



@franz never got the android beta…

Android release seems solid too… rainy here in FL so hard to test zone firing. HOWEVER, the moisture graph bug is still there when you click more details:

I’m missing the big, what do you mean?

It was acknowledged by @Lucas here. Just hasn’t been fixed yet. I think it’s only android and not iOS.

Looking good for me on IOS as well. The bug does not appear on IOS. And I really like the new increment/decrement feature. So much easier to see what you are doing.

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Getting a pretty reliable force close when exiting the settings activity on Android. Cleared data/cache, logged in again and still happening. V2.6-191. Everything else I’ve used seems solid.

@mikefalk If you can send any feedback to we can track/fix there.