iOS 2.1 *Mobile Soil Moisture Graph* Submitted to App Store

The 2.1 iOS mobile release includes zone soil moisture graphs.

Android will be finished early next week.



IPhone: both the “empty” and “fill” buttons end up filling the moisture level to 100%.

We empty/fill the previous day, are you sure you are not looking at the current forecasted day?

I’m sure. The zone is “emitter” with custom rate and area settings. Leaves were starting to wilt, so I wanted to zero it so it would water the next day. When I pressed zero, the previous day marker smoothly shifted to the top line as full, and watering dates moved out. Continuing to press zero or full had no further effect. I wish I could remember all button sequences after that, but in an attempt to get it going, I went into custom settings and changed the root depth to something smaller. I also changed the allowed depletion in an attempt to move up the watering date. The effect was that the former 100% fill disappeared, and the moisture levels were low again. And the watering date moved up to the next morning as I wanted. So fortunately, the moisture filling didn’t stick when those changes were applied. Of course, this is a problem if I had actually wanted to fill the zone.

Thanks for this.

If it happens again, please feel free to PM me or [] and will be helpful if there are screenshots. We can then try to reproduce with your account, or at least visualize what is happening.



I have noticed this also.

@JCE and @ghctim, any chance I could reproduce this on one or two of your zones tonight? If so, please let me know which zones I can experiment on :wink:

Thanks, Emil