IPhone: both the "empty" and "fill" buttons end up filling the moisture level to 100%

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Franz: I am completely vexed by the empty/fill process. I can’t predict what it will do. Perhaps my problem is connected with UTC times??? Today, the 10th, was a scorcher in California. At about 8:40 PM PDT, I tried to empty a zone (Crab Apple Trees) so that it would water first thing tomorrow morning (the 11th). I navigated to the moisture graph on my iPhone 6, and activated “adjust” and “empty”. Nothing went to zero; instead, the moisture level for the 10th went to 100%, it already shows a drop in moisture for the 11th, (remember; right now it is still the 10th) and now it says that the next watering event is scheduled for the 15th. There is no indication that it will water tomorrow morning on the 11th. Without an indication, I don’t feel that I can trust it to water tomorrow morning, so it feels out of control to me. You have my permission to enter my account and test it, however I will be manually watering this zone now, because the tree leaves are drooping quite a bit. Please help. This has happened to me before.

We have fixed UTC times, and moisture graphs will now display the device timezone, will try to get this code out in the next week or two.

You might just have to trust that they will run when you zero out the moisture. I promise it will.

I think what is throwing you off is that we clear out the previous day (since today is affected by ET and precipitation and is dynamic). By clearing out yesterday (or filling), flex will still show you the forecasted irrigation. That might be what is confusing. Forecasted irrigation will actually be real irrigation when the scheduled time is supposed to run again.

Also, if you want it to water more frequently you could decrease the managed allowed depletion on the zone.

Trees are a little more difficult with flex schedules since we assume a 24 inch root zone depth which means a long interval in between waterings. Depending on the tree’s actual RZD, this might need to be adjusted.

Hope this helps. If you want [support@rachio.com] to review your schedule you might want to shoot a quick email to them.


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Yay!!! I won’t bug you again until after this fix is released.

I can see in the details section of the moisture graph that a negative irrigation amount was applied. That must be how you zero the moisture level, even though the graph never went to zero. Since I performed a manual watering, the system did not run the schedule this morning. The visual display just doesn’t mesh with what I expect to see, so the process becomes confusing. I expect to see the graph line actually go to zero when I activate the empty button, even if it is for the day before. And then I expect to see the schedule state that the next watering event is tomorrow morning. Neither of these confirmations are there. The confirmation that is there is the expected irrigation value in the details view, but I didn’t look at the details view last night. This morning’s graph (attached below) is not accurate because the system did not water, and my manual watering event is not indicated in the graph, (no way that I manually watered to exactly 100%) so I imagine this will eventually correct itself. So the bottom line folks is just believe! Have faith, and your landscape shall be rewarded.

I need to also point out that the graph this morning looks completely different than it did last night. Today shows the 10th as very low, while yesterday showed the 10th at 100%. Some switching probably related to UTCs is going on.

Hooray on fixing UTC problem. Thx.

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For what it’s worth I noticed this same thing, emptied all of my zones on Wednesday afternoon attempting to force a Thursday watering. All of the graphs indicated the moisture level went to 100% or at least that’s how I read them. However, I left it alone and as Franz promised above it did water on Thursday. The system worked correctly despite the incorrect (or at least mildly confusing) graph…


I second the YEAH!! Having some of the times on local, while future times on UTC makes my head hurt! I’m always having to do math in my head and that doesn’t always go well. That fix will also confuse less people using the fill/empty button, which was an awesome addition.