Ios 14.2

Recently my WiFi network shut down but now restarted.
Rachio 3 will not re-start shows a blue plus an alternating yellow light.
When trying to re-set . The app says there is a problem with IOS 14. 2 and to follow the instructions below.
However, the displayed instructions are so small they are impossible to read on my iphone plus the display changes to the next step very quickly. In addition the app will not let me zoom in on the screen to be able to read it.
I have been unable to find these steps anywhere else on Rachio site etc.
Is there anyone else who has had this problem and has been able to update the system. If so I would appreciate theire help

Though Rachio is not good about reconnecting after an outage, it very rarely ‘forgets’ the stored SSID (network name) and password. Just remove AC power (at the wall, or with the connector from the power adapter), wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. With luck it will reconnect, without using the app at all.

However, if you messed with the controller buttons, you may have reset the stored credentials and must reconfigure them. Follow just step 2 in

and with luck the controller will get to the ‘Awaiting Wi-Fi’ state. See

Then, use the Settings app on your phone to reconnect. See the first post in

If you can get the controller to broadcast its Rachio-xxxxxx SSID but still have trouble, see

If still no luck, report what you have tried and observed, what light states you have been able to achieve, and what devices you have that may be useful (old phones with no SIM, tablets, laptop computers).