Intermatic Mechanical Timer Replace

Like this? So i’m removing the black thing and attaching pipes to the two above ground siphons to each pvc pipe, to a t that connects to where the knob is.

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Yes, if needed the turn thing can be omitted / removed.

What’s the purpose for that now? Also if I turn the hose on while rachio waters one zone will it work ? They attach a hose to one of those sprinklers on the ground.

I’m going to buy the PVC pipe and dry fit it and send a pic to verify.

Your old index valve does not have an off setting, whenever the water is provided, it will go somewhere. The valve in question allowed the index valve to be turned off and the hose to get the full pressure from the pump.

Your new valves, on the other hand, are off by default. If you turn on the hose while one of the zones is running, than pressure / flow will be shared between the two zones, each getting reduced flow.

You can create a third zone within Rachio, one that is not connected to any valve, running that zone while hose is open will provide full pressure to the hose, same as if the old manual valve was closed.

Oh I see. I think after this upgrade, we’ll upgrade our actual sprinkler spouts. We use it cause they don’t reach the desired area cause one is damaged or something.

But i’ll keep that in mind. Will update tomorrow with dry fit.

Thoughts on this.

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What software have you used? The valve (with red dot) is not strictly necessary, but will not hurt if it fits.
Also the valve on the left is shown backwards, the valve part (that has solenoid attached) should always be on the pressure side (on the pipe connected to the pump) not the drain (pipe going into the ground).

Yeah that’s a manipulated image, the backward one it’s just to get the idea of what to buy. The rest is on illustrator lol.

Yeah the ball will be moved or taken out if it doesn’t fit. At home depot now buying to dry fit

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Don’t mind tape, but this is looking like it’s gonna work fine. Now to get a 1” female adapter into the siphon.

Then figure out the electrical part, then to wing it.

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Is it possible to install the siphons before the controller and pump relay? Like will it still work? relay arriving later this week. But I wanted to install the pipes and turn on timer after it dries and make sure what goes through fine.

Sure. You can either drive the valves from Rachio (powered by extension cord) without installing it permanently, while running the pump with the old timer, or …, simply turn the valve(s) on manually by turning the solenoids clockwise to turn on, CCW to turn them back off.

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How does this dry fitting look? Also the parts that screw, do they go all the way in? How hard should I torque?

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Looks good, though the valve on the second picture does not look to sit alighted with the pipe. This is probably due to this being a dry fit, but make sure there is not much of a gap between the valve inlet opening and the pipe. Glue can’t fix a large gap.

Do not over tighten the screw fittings. You can find a thread sealant in a home improvement sore. Something like this:

Make sure to look for one compatible with PVC

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I actually got the thread tape for the thread, and yeah it doesn’t even have the adapter to go on the pipe, just threw it in there to measure. That’s why.

Got the relay today, gonna need wires, do you know which I have to get? I assumed they sold one for the sprinkler controller?

Probably mount the controller near timer box since that’s were ima install the relay.

Careful not to go overboard with the thread tape, too much and you may crack the valve / pipe.
Irrigation wire is sold by the foot at home depot / lowes, something like this (link).

These are available in the electrical department, just ask an associate to cut some for you (tell them you need 3 or 4 conduit irrigation wire, ~15ft).

I recommend you run separate wire to the relay (you need 2 conductors or more) and the valves (you’d need 3 conductors or more). The wire I’ve linked to has 4 conductors,

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So i’m buying 2x 4 Conductor Wires , each 1
15 ft

No, one run will likely be enough, simply cut it into two peaces where it makes the most sense.
You may not require the 15 ft, simply figure out how much you need for the run to the relay and how much for the run to the valves. For example if it is 3 ft to the relay and 5 ft to the valves, you may get away with 10 ft of wire (3ft + 5ft + margin). 15ft was my over-approximation based on what I saw.

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Just to be clear, run them from controller is what you’re saying? Controller to relay and controller to valves.


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@Gene, I’m laughing at this thread…would have been more efficient to fly over and just do it! You are the man btw…cool of you to help him through ever step.