Indexing Valve Question

So I just got my Iro yesterday for my birthday (yes, even at 42 I still get excited about getting an Iro for my birthday). Here is my question:

I currently have a 6 zone indexing valve (but only use 5 zones). What I would like to do, is remove the internal valve disk, then add 24V inline valves on the 5 outlets (#6 is capped off).

Does anybody see a problem with this? I’m somewhat limited on space where my pump is.

Thanks for your time!


@outbreak, happy birthday!! We’re excited to have you join the Rachio community :blush:

We’ve had a few users replace their indexing valve with 24v inline valves. Assuming you have enough space to install a new manifold for the 5 valves, this shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t forget you’ll need to install wiring from the Iro to the new valves if you do not currently have any available wires to connect to the new valves.

If any other users have experience with this conversion, please share your advise.

Best, Emil

Thanks for the reply and birthday wishes. What I’m thinking about doing is taking the indexing valve out of my KRain 6000. This will allow water to flow to all 5 of my zones at the same time. Then, I would install my in-line valves on each zone coming out of the bottom of the KRain - as in this picture (not my setup, just found this pic on the internet).

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work… But there are a lot more knowledgeable people on here than me.

@outbreak, just to clarify, you’re thinking of adding zones below the KRain 6000 housing? i.e. in line, spliced into the PVC pipe?

I’m interested to hear if any other users have done this?

Best, Emil

Yes! With the indexing valve removed so that water is then able to reach all 5 valves.

Ok, so this weekend I did this and it works fine! However there is a serious water hammer going on and I need to troubleshoot that.

I suspect it might have something to do with the Vacuum Breaker port.

We have a water hammer feature under device settings, it will transition zones from going on/off (overlap) to minimize water hammer.

Let us know if that works out for you!


I’m definitely going to do that. I set mine up the wrong way (with a 5 minute gap between zones) which gave me 5 times the hammer. If I set it up correctly, it should only hammer on the initial startup.

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Hi @outbreak, any updates on this yet? We’d love to see some photos if you have any :smile:

Do you have any tips for other users that want upgrade their system like you did?

Best, Emil

Well, it worked, but there was a TON of water hammer. So I removed it and plumbed it the right way. I apologize for not taking a picture, I should have but the water hammer was BAD and I was supposed to head out of town today, so I had to replace it fast. I think the hammer is caused by the little hole on the top of the indexing valve allowing air in, but I’m not positive.

Bummers :frowning:

Let’s connect when you’re back in town and review your setup in more detail. Perhaps you could sketch us a photo of the setup you had before you had to plumb it back the old way? I’m sure we can make it work :wink:

I actually spent 3 nights plumbing it how it’s supposed to be. I had to get it right before I left. Now, there are 5 in-line valves coming off of the single line from the pump.

But I do have a question. Do the valves typically make noise? While its somewhat loud when the system turns on, it’s not as bad as it was…

@outbreak, I can imagine! Valve retrofits are very as easy as they should be.

Could you detail the sound you’re hearing? Do you know if it’s coming from the pipe, solenoid, etc? This is a hard question to answer without details, sorry.

When I get back home I’ll have a lot more time to figure this out. Thanks for all of the timely support! You guys rock!

@outbreak, anytime! Ready to help when you get back.

I’m finally back home! After mowing, I ran my system and its working perfectly! No noise at all! I did have an issue with watering when I was away, it wasn’t watering enough and I have 2 dead patches, but I’ll adjust accordingly.

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@outbreak, awesome news!

Any chance we could still get some photos of your completed setup? I’m sure other users with an indexing valve would love to see what you did in case they want to convert their system too :smile:

Best, Emil

I’ll see what I can do, as long as you don’t laugh!

@outbreak, I promise I won’t laugh :wink:

any updates on this? thanks