Indexing Valve Question


I’ll try to get some pics posted tomorrow or this weekend. I had to make a box out of pressure treated plywood to go around my valves, but the holes I cut were a little big. After a few good rains, sand worked it’s way in and I can only see one out of 5 valves now. I think I’ll use some foam in a can to seal them.


Thanks @outbreak!

Sounds like quite the project. I use to always use the cut out sections (usually plastic) on the outside of the box to correct any “cutting errors” and keep dirt from filling in. Another trick, depending on how big the “cutting errors” are, is to use river rock and/or cobble stone around the box as a filler, then pack in with dirt. Just an idea :wink:


The problem is that the sand here is really fine, so it works it’s way into everything. I think I’ll just try the spray foam from the inside and that should work. The errors aren’t big at all - but the valves are right beside the house with no gutters on the roof, so lots of water gets in the area bringing sand with it.


So I got my threads mixed up and posted my pics here. Sorry!

My Pics


No worries! Thanks for posting these photos, we (and other users) really appreciate it. The foam seems to have done the trick on the holes :smile: