IFTTT Integration

Ha. I’d like my real world problem solved!!

Looking forward to this channel.

@RoarinRow‌ Working with IFTTT on a launch date, should be soon. Testing is complete.

Looking forward to this as well. :slight_smile:

@RoarinRow‌ @SteinyD‌ @jeremyshultz‌ This is live :slight_smile:

Excellent thank you. Time to have some fun with it!

Thanks for the IFTTT integration. I would really appreciate if you guys could add an action that lets me set the seasonal adjustment via a trigger (for example, if temperature is X then set seasonal adjustment to Y).

@wayubi‌ I think that is a great idea, I will add that, I also want to add pause/resume which we already support in our API. Hopefully should be able to add this week. Will let you know when it is live.

@wayubi‌ I started to think of the practicality and concrete use cases and was having a hard time justifying this.

“If temperature is 100 degrees then seasonal adjustment 30%”

What if there is a large temperate drop the next day…how do you decrease the adjustment? Also, the traditional seasonal adjustment is dependent on a lot of factors other than temperature (evapotranspiration is derived from temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind, etc.).

Trying to make sure this makes sense before building.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Hi Franz,

Yea, I know that the seasonal adjustment by the default algorithm is taking a lot of other factors into account (such as evapotranspiration, etc.) but that has led my Rachio to adjust to +36% in the middle of winter – I would hate to see what happens in the middle of summer :smiley: +99%?

The beauty about IFTTT is that you don’t have to worry about any of those other factors and just expose the seasonal adjustment toggle to the customer – “trigger: on daily weather report — action: set seasonal adjustment to [temperature] / 2” or “trigger: on daily weather report — action: set seasonal adjustment to (1-(100-[temperature]))” or something like that … no other factors need be considered.

If you start to adjust the action of overriding the seasonal adjustment via trigger by calculating in other factors, that defeats the purpose of wanting to expose the seasonal adjustment to an IFTTT override. – customer would need to disable the “seasonal adjustment algorithm” on rachio’s backend to avoid a collision in adjusting.

@wayubi‌ Ok, makes sense. I want to give as much control as possible since I know our models will not cover all cases. I am also adding the actions skip schedule, pause, and resume.

Still waiting for IFTTT to let me know how I can add additional actions, I hope the process is easy.

I already have most of the development finished.

The IFTT integration is great. I’m not one to do a lot of endless tweaking. The thing I like about the rachio is that you can set it and forget it! The one tweak I always thought I would make though is to just stop watering at a certain point. As temps drop, watering times are gradually reduced automatically, but at a certain point, it doesn’t make sense to water at all (e.g. a watering time of two minutes). I just set an IFTT to stop all watering when the temp goes below 50. Perfect!

@dcarlton‌ Fantastic, love to hear water savings feedback! Our next iteration of smart watering which will be released in the very near future, will do all of the automation for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

@dcarlton that hasn’t been my experience; rachio has been increasing my water usage all winter long. @franz you said development was done back in mid december; any update?

example == If Today’s weather report then set seasonal adjustment to [ temperature ] * _______ (fill in the blank) …

i.e. 90 degress * 1 = 90

@wayubi Sorry to hear you are experiencing that. With our virtual rain sensor and water budgeting we’ve had a lot of customers reporting significant water savings. The new model we are releasing is definitely going to help out in your situation.

We are rolling out a much more automated and transparent way to manage your watering called flex schedules. All of this development will be released in about 8 weeks. This includes a rebuild from the ground up of our mobile and web app. In addition to the rebuild, we will be releasing flex schedules which will treat each opted in zone like a check book, and we will track everything going into and out of the account and will only water when necessary. We will provide full transparency into the checkbook balance.

As we get closer to releasing the software I will provide a lot more articles and details explaining this. Don’t want to give too much away too soon. We have worked with two industry leading irrigation professors on refining these models.

Thanks for the feedback as always, and let us know if you have any other questions or feedback!

That all sounds great, but are you saying that you won’t be implementing the IFTTT seasonal adjustment option? Or is that also being released in 8 weeks?

It would be great if we could have direct access to seasonal adjustment toggle so we can keep it simple in addition to any professor refined models.

temp up, water up
temp down, water down

or even simpler, setting adj % by month just like the “dumb” rainbird controllers do it – for those few of us who are having water increased in in the middle of december/january.

@wayubi Ok you sold me, those are solid use cases. Since we haven’t passed the IFTTT testing process for the new actions yet (we failed a couple times :smile: I will add this one.


@wayubi Seasonal adjustment added, IFTTT has already reviewed the other new actions so this shouldn’t take long at all. Hope to have the new actions in a day or so! :sunny:

@wayubi @dcarlton

New actions will be published Friday!

"Woohoo! I this all looks great.

The additions are all set. We push updates to Channels on Fridays, so I’ve queued this up for our engineering team.

Can’t wait to see them published!"

@wayubi @dcarlton

New actions are live!