IFTTT Integration

Got access to the IFTTT developer program today, will stand some channels up in the next few days!

w00t w00t.

Nice job @franz‌ !!!
One question - is it active on their sure? I can’t find the channel it if it is.

@jeremyshultz‌ Soon, need another day(s) or so. Lots 'o work :slight_smile: Any triggers or actions that you specifically want?

franz - this is great news! I look forward to seeing how to leverage the additional automation.

@SteinyD‌ Ya, just need a little bit more time :). all the pieces are there. Can’t wait to see the mashups. Let me know if there are any triggers or actions that come to mind.

Would like a temperature trigger between specific times so that when it’s X degrees or above between time A and time B it will trigger a watering time set of zones.

But it will either have to be able to activate a disabled time set or the app has to have the ability to set up a set of zones and watering lengths that do not rub on any specific days. What’s the chances of this?

Another nice thing to have would be the option to integrate with Netatmo so things like a temperature trigger can be based off of that or the IFTTT weather channel. Other things such as using the Netatmo’s rain sensor, wind, etc to assist with getting the most accurate weather info to adjust schedules and act as a back up for things like if it’s currently raining to make sure watering doesn’t happen when it’s raining out.

Just some thoughts!

@jeremyshultz‌ Great thanks Jeremy, we will see how all of these pieces can fit together.

@jeremyshultz‌ - great ideas! I have netatmo and would love to be able to do exactly the things you suggested!

@jeremyshultz‌ @SteinyD‌ Got a trigger and action working. Will add a bit more, and then submit for review. Having way too much fun :slight_smile:

@jeremyshultz‌ @SteinyD‌ Netatmo will fit into this perfectly.


Another idea would be integrate with SmartThings since they also have multi sensors for temperature, humidity, etc.

I hope the Iro will also be able to use the default weather channel on IFTTT since I don’t have a Netatmo or SmartThings at the moment.

I would suggest the Parrott moisture device but I haven’t read great things about it.

You could have something like a single or group of Phillips Hue bulbs blink, change colors, etc when a specific zone and/or watering time is activated. Then also an action that when a zone and/or watering time is finished, then the Phillips Hue bulb or group of bulbs blink, change colors, etc.

I think that whatever you can use to notify when a zone and/or watering time is finished, that might be cool. Even if it’s an ios notification - I don’t believe that’s possible today, but I could be wrong.

I’ll keep trying to think of things. Perhaps an ongoing list of triggers and actions can be added somewhere here so we know what is going to be possible, what isn’t and what is currently live or created.

@jeremyshultz‌ - i have a Parrot device outside. They are pretty useless. It reports the same deficiencies regardless of how much sun the plant gets or how moist the soil is.

@SteinyD‌ I guess what I have read was correct then. All of the other integrations could be useful or fun.

All done, submitting today for approval. Will post when our channel is up. If anyone wants early access PM me at franz@rach.io and I can give you preview access to the channel.

Here are the triggers and actions

Awaiting approval, should by any day now. Fun stuff for sure! Best recipe we will send a t-shirt :slight_smile:

Nice. What qualifies as a good recipe?

@jeremyshultz‌ lol, good question! Anything that solves a real world ‘problem’ :slight_smile: