I was really excited to get my Rachio - not so much anymore

Can you Pls. log into the wifi router and remove auto from channel setting and use ch. 11… This means wifi ch 11 is on fix channel and have slightly longer strength…

Can you upload a photo of your access point, showing where it’s at relative to the room?

I get the same problems you’re describing when my modem loses connection to to the internet. I have Fr*nt**r dsl which is notorious for losing internet connection several times a day, everyday but as long as I have an internet connection no “controller is offline” message.

No, not really. When standing right next to the controller - my phone has excellent wifi connectivity - so while they say from the diagnostics that I have weak signal - I think it is actually just a weak wifi radio within the rachio. The patch they applied seems to have possibly worked or at least helped - I will test it out more in the next couple of days.

I am not losing my internet connection - I have strong signal standing right next to the rachio controller.

It appears the patch they applied has actually helped - I will be testing it out over the next couple of days.

Yup, same here, sometimes “full bars” at the Rachio controller in garage, other times only blinking “connection” issues. In the end, it was my five year-old wifi router, just couldn’t handle all the additional smart home devices I’d installed over past couple years. Too many devices, competing traffic. After a New Router (single point, not mesh) it solved everything.


IoT and smart home devices are putting a lot more strain on wireless networks. Full bars doesn’t always mean much.


Run the router in AP or BRIDGE mode, which ever is available to you to fix the double nat.