Rachio 2 wifi

I have a rachio 2 8 zone and have always had a problem with wifi connection. The rachio product is ok but the wifi module is complete and utter junk! It requires a wifi router sitting right next to the darn device for it to get a decent connection!
Will start looking elsewhere for a better wifi controller.

Note: was thinking for getting the lawn treatments/chemicals, but now i am shelving that idea.

@Rachio stop using the cheapest least effective wifi module. The controller sits in the garage away from most ppl’s routers; so a weak signal is a given. I have camera from samsung and amazon that sit right next to the rachio contoller and they have constant wifi connection.
WHAT a disappointment. Next stop Twitter, fb, … whatever i can get to - unless Rachio makes this Right!

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How long is “always”? If you have been having trouble, why it this the first time you posted here?

What is the RSSI (signal strength) currently reported by your Rachio? See my post in

What is the path like to your router? For example, are cars in the garage in the path of the signal?

How often does the controller disconnect? Does it recover by itself? If not, does it recover if you simply reboot it (remove power, wait a few seconds, power it back on)?

ISP? Modem make/model? Separate router, if any? Any additional access points, repeaters, etc?

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Always disconnects means always disconnects. The reason I haven’t posted here is bcos I didn’t think it would be useful.
Yes cars are in garage. Even when not same thing happens. Like i said: there are 2 cameras connecting to wifi with no problems at all from within 1 foot of the controller. That camera has a sustained connection of 62%. Problem with rachio is the wireless module they use nothing more. They dont sell controllers, but rather services and chemicals and other crap. The controller is mediocre at best and i am wasting my time and yours with this.

And yes, if unplugged it will reconnect for a while and then gone until unplugged again.

There are some credible posts stating that Rachio doesn’t recover automatically from AP channel changes. Log into your router and confirm that your 2.4 GHz network is not using ‘automatic’ channel. Choose one of 1, 6, or 11, based on the least amount of interference. Use a good Wi-Fi analyzer app on your phone, tablet or laptop to determine the best channel. Also, please report the RSSI seen by both the controller and your phone (held near it) so we can see whether your controller has a hardware fault (and may be eligible for warranty replacement).

Thanks Stewart.
I have a 4 node asus AiMesh setup. primary router is rt-ac5300 & 3 nodes rt-ac68u. ac5300 is capable of mu-mimo and I did set to best ch of 11, but still my disconnects are happening. The signal strength i was able to measure from iphone, samsung camera and rachio2 are 68%, 62% & 28% respectively. I bought this controller from woot on sale about yr ago when 3s were out.
incidentally, when rachio2 is freshly plugged in, it connects to the closest router on floor above with >90% signal but then after 30-45 mins it goes bye bye again.