Hunter SRC Complex Wiring


I was wondering if you guys can help me figure out how to wire the non-zone ports to Rachio Gen 2 16-zone that I bought recently. I have attached the picture of my current wiring

I did find a post similar to mine but it appears that there are more wires in this. Am lost as to where i need to connect all these wires in Rachio Gen 2.

You can pretty much disregard anything that is not part of the thick multi-color wire bundle.

Some of the wires you will end up disregarding are two 24V black power input wires (Rachio has it’s own) and Red, White and Blue remote terminal wires (Rachio users WiFi & an App instead).

There also appears to be a Rain sensor involved, it has been discussed in a similar post:

To summarize, you will likely need to connect the white wire (out of the thick multi-color bundle) to one of the C terminals on your new Rachio. Than refer the image for appropriate colors (in case you wish to keep zone numbers the same) and connect zones 1 through 9 as appropriate Finally (after making sure the system works), if you wish to keep using the rain sensor (which you likely have), connect black & brown cables to S1 and SC terminals of your Rachio (as shown here).




You are awesome! Prior to your response, i tried connecting all the zone wires(1-9) and the Black wire to ‘C’. This was ‘C’ in Hunter Pro as well. The system wasnt working. Once you mentioned to plug in the white wire to the ‘C’, it then started working. Great stuff. I will figure out the rain sensor part(have not connected yet) next.

A follow-up question: I previously had a brown wire going to ‘RS’(same slot as white). This is part of the big bundle of wires as well. Do i just ignore that now? I have also attached my Rachio wiring(sans the Sensor)

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Glad it is working. Rain sensor is not as important with Rachio (as it has access to weather forecasting), but it is a nice backup to have.

The black wire that you currently have connected to ‘C’ as well as brown wire that used to be connected to ‘RS’ terminals are likely part of the rain sensor. In your old setup the connectivity path was serial as in:

‘C’ > black > Rain Sensor > brown > ‘RS’ > White >> Valve common(s)

With Rachio, the connections should be done in parallel:

‘C’ > White >> Valve Common(s)
‘SC’ > Black > Rain Sensor > Brown > ‘S1’

Don’t forget to turn on rain sensor on ‘S1’ input within Rachio app.



Hello. I also have a Hunter SRC rain sensor and just purchased a Rachio 3. Can anyone please guide me on which ports on Rachio 3 I should connect the rain sensor wires?

The old setup I have is , a White/Yellow wire going to RS, and a yellow wire going to C.


In your case, it’s pretty straight forward:

  1. Disreguard the two power black wires on the far left.
  2. Connect White to any of the ‘C’ terminals of the Rachio
  3. Connect other color wires (Red, Green, Brown,…) to their appropriate Rachio Terminals (‘1’,‘2’,‘3’,…)
  4. Connect the translucent (clear) wires to ‘S1’ and '24 - ’ terminals of the Rachio (polarity does not matter).
  5. Enable rain sensor on ‘S1’ input within Rachio app.

You should be good to go.



Thank you so much Gene !!! I just got done following the directions and completed the installation :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your help !!!

I am waiting on my Wireless Flow Meter to ship. Do you have any guidance on how to install this? I have attached the exterior photo for the plumbing.

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I’ll leave it up to the Rachio team to recommend the best installation tips for your setup as I’ve not yet had any experience installing the flow meter.

That being said, it may be easier / better to install the meter prior to the water leaving your home. Do you have a basement with access to the water pipe seen exiting you home?

Here is a picture of the plumbing in my basement. I have drawn arrows for the pipe that goes outside for the sprinkler system.


I take it back. while installing it internally was my first thought, Rachio officially recommends it after the back-flow presenter outdoors (probably safer too in case of a leak). On the positive side, seems that the new sensor is winter safe.

Here is more info on the proper installation:

It looks like it may be pretty straight forward for your setup, turn off the water, cut, prep and install.


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Many thanks Gene!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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I received an excellent response from the “customer service” team of Rachio and resolved my problem. Thanks Kyle, a member of the team.