Hunter SRC Wiring Help

I have a Hunter SRC Plus and needing help on the non-zone wires, particularly the R (blue wire) and RS (green and black wire). I am connecting it to a Rachio 3 controller. The colors are different from the other pictures posted by others in the community. I don’t see how I can post the photo I took of my set up. Thanks for the help

Hi Charles,

The blue wire connected to R terminal (along with corresponding white / red wires connected to 24 AC terminals) can be disregarded. It is part of the Hunter’s remote which can’t be used with Rachio.

Have I had to guess, The black wire connected to RS wire is your common. Try connecting it to any of the ‘C’ terminals of your Rachio and check if everything works. The other (green) wire connected to RS terminal is likely a part of the rain sensor.

What was the wire connected to Hunter’s C terminal? It is likely part of the rain sensor as well. Check to see if it roughly follows the green wire.

You can attach the picture from your computer by dragging and dropping it into your reply as you are writing one. On the phone you can click the little “upload” option on the bottom right as you are composing a reply.

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