Hunter rain sensor

I am a newbie to the Rachio (Gen 2, 16 zone). Just installed it on Sat.

I have a Hunter Rain sensor
and i need some help to correctly install this to the new Rachio. Your input will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


@anidutta, this support article should help. Let us know if have any questions.


Thanks for the information. The rain sensor has only one wire. I’m confused if this will work with the Rachio. Currently I have it in a C terminal. Is that correct or should i move it to S1 or S2?

Please advice.

Just follow the Hunter instructions. Nothing unique about installing a rain sensor no matter what controller brand.

Thanks for your reply. The sensor has only one wire and it worked with my previous controller. I’m just confused about which slot to connect to in the Rachio since the install guide indicated two wires!

In the sensor port on the wiring terminal.

@anidutta - Why do you want to install the rain sensor? The Rachio unit will use the weather station you’ve selected to determine if it should water if you have the weather intelligence and rain skip turned on. Rachio will look at the actual past 24 hour rainfall and future 24 hour forecast rainfall to determine if the schedule should still run. You can also turn on freeze skip to skip any watering when it is freezing and the runoff would turn to ice.

The MiniClik has three wires according to the documentation that I can see from Hunter, so I’m not sure why you’re seeing just one wire.

It could be the MiniClik is installed in-line on the common wire and the remaining wire you’re seeing is the normally open wire that is normally not connected to anything.

If you still want to install it, the link provided by @emil has the directions for multiple versions and as @robertokc said there is nothing unique about installing a rain sensor. And post a picture of the rain sensor so that we can understand the one wire.

Finally, the technical support folks at Rachio are top notch - set up a call with them. But, I really think you can do without the sensor.


@anidutta, did you happen to have a Hunter SRC? If so, the wiring is a bit tricky.

If you really want to setup the rain sensor, let me know and we can figure it out.

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@emil thanks for your response. No I didn’t have an hunter SRC. I think in another post we figured out the single white wire was acting as the common and critical to the operation of the system. I’ve received a lot of good feedback from y’all and the user community.


One wire from the wired sensor connects to the common terminal. The other wire goes into the sensor terminal. Hunter has clear wiring diagrams in their instruction manual. There is nothing different in how you wire a rain sensor into a Rachio controller.


Just for everyone’s edification- this is @anidutta’s other post:

We are thinking that the rain sensor was spliced into the common wire, which is why we were only seeing one wire.