How to set-up in Germany?

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I am contemplating to purchase the Iro in the US during my next trip and use it in Germany. I have downloaded the Android App and simulated a set-up. My question is how can I ensure that German weather data are used? How does the system know that the zip-code I am entering during the set-up is a German zip-code and not a US one? I want to make sure that I am not buying the Iro and then are unable to use it in Germany because I cannot set it up. Are there already any users in Germany?I fully understood that I will have to source my own power adaptor. This is not a problem as I have done this before for other devices bought in the US.


to provide a general answer, the new version 2.0 is rumored to have the abiility to select which weather station to use.

the real question is, does the company providing this data to rachio marshal up weather stations in germany?

The answer is yes, it will work perfectly well. You can either use a public or private weather station if you have one. I am using a Netatmo solution. I believe that with v2.0, which is about to be officially realised, the things will even be better.



Hello from Colorado! Thanks for your interest in our product.

As @dszymkun mentioned you should be good to go in regards to weather. If you want you could provide your address and I could do some digging on our end to pull the stations that we would be pulling from. Adding to @plainsane, our 2.0 software will allow for your to choose which station you want to use, whether that be an official weather station or a personal weather station. Right at the start of this video gives you a little snippet of the new weather feature.

If you ever have any other questions let us know.

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i have now installed my Rachio Iro First generation in Germany. In the setup i insert my German zip Code. However this gives me a city in US. If i want to change the weather station the app shows me only station in the near of the US City. There is no opportunity to select a german weather station. can anybody help me???

@franz will need to jump in here.


You can update the latitude/longitude of the controller which should allow you to choose the correct weather station.

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now i have already the right location. Unfortunately the next weather station is more tahn 50 km away. I have checked und wunderground for personal weather station near my town and found two. Hence i insert this stations in Will my rachio find this pws?

If the stations are in they will be available on our weather station map. It might take a day or two for them to show up, but they should be accessible. If they don’t show up when choosing a weather station, let me know what station you are looking for.

This article will help explain how to choose a PWS (if you were unaware how to choose one).


@ Franz

i have insert four pws three days before. However i can’t find them on my rachio android app. Seems that there will be no update.

The following pws are intressted for me:
pws:ISACHSEN434 (
pws:IMAGDEBU35 (

I have insert all of them as a station in pws May you can findout what is wrong.

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@maynard Curious how you setup a bridge from WU to How are you tranferring the data from WU to


Ups, now it becoming more clear. On pwsweather all stations have a red icon (with old data) Seems that i didn’t go the step via the bridge. Hence there are no data. But how does it work to use this bridge?

Sorry Franz for my stupid questions :confused:

If you have a Mac that runs all the time, you can use WeatherSnoop as described here:
How do I use Wunderground with my Rachio?

Or if you have a linux machine (Like a NAS), you can use the tool that johnny2678 built here: github - wupws. That’s what I did and I have it pulling data every 3 minutes and uploading to a cloned PWS on

It’s described in this forum post

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So i have checked all the ways you present here. However, all the ways are not successful due to the fact i using windows or android. Hence for me the last option seems to be buying a netatmo weather station and integerate it as desribed here