Using to integrate Personal Weather Stations

So in spite of having a lovely Ambient Weather weather station (~$300) on my roof that reports perfectly to Weather Underground, and having spent $200+ on an internet-connected Rachio Iro, currently the only way to automatically link my Iro to my PWS is to spend ANOTHER $100 on hardware and software (per the support article linked above)?!?

“The core component of this solution is the meteobridge, which cost $20 for the hardware (DLINK DIR-505L from amazon) and the software from for 74.42 dollars.”

Or I guess there are a couple of software-only options that work (really a pain to set up, but might work) if I want to leave a computer up and running 24/7 just to re-report my weather feed to a different service?

PLEASE, Rachio, add support for Weather Underground!!!


@kman, are you referring to WeatherSnoop? We’ve had a few users connect their wunderground stations to the Rachio cloud using WeatherSnoop, but you have to have a Mac in order to do so.

Out of curiosity, what Ambient Weather weather station do you have? I’ll keep searching for PC solutions similar to WeatherSnoop.

Best, Emil

Yes, the software-only solutions I referred to are the WeatherSnoop, for Macs, or the software linked above for PCs: I have both Macs and PCs, including some that are on 24/7, but those systems all have other functions and I don’t want to tie them up running weather software, or be dependent on them to stay on. (I can restart anytime I want when home for movie streaming purposes, for instance, but if it was to crash while I was on vacation, I’d lose all weather connectivity until I got back home, which defeats the purpose!)

I have an Ambient Weather WS-1200-IP Observer. It includes the Observer-IP module automatically collects the station’s data to upload, but which, unfortunately, will only report that data to Weather Underground (which all works brilliantly, except the Iro can’t see that data). I could buy the $209 WeatherBridge from Ambient, or essentially building my own, per the instructions on the Meteobridge website (and buying the software license), for around $100, and that would allow uploading the data to any number of weather reporting/recording services, including the ones that are directly supported by Rachio (like CWOP and PWSW). But I’m not eager to spend yet another $100-209 just so I can use the actual weather data that’s already being recorded above my roof.


gotta agree with kman… isn’t there a way to get the IRO to use weather data from weather underground? Or at the very least, a PC program that can sync weather underground to

If no to both, then this should be a priority. The closest weather station is 7 miles away and in FL that might as well be on a different planet. Esp when there are two weather underground stations <1 mile away.

@johnny2678, not at this time.

There are some work arounds, but they take some work to setup. In short, you’d need to direct your wunderground PWS to CWOP, then CWOP to

Here’s some resources to explore:

Will do some digging again to see if there’s any new workarounds to scrape wunderground data via a PC.

Thanks for the response emil. I found this on github but it’s 6 years old so little chance of it working for our needs. The other links you posted are either for a) yet another appliance or b) for those that have a personal weather station set up on their property. I don’t desire either… just the ability to pull conditions from a weather station reporting close by.

The Wunderground API allows for 500 free calls / day so there is the potential to write something that will scrape conditions every 5 minutes and post to pwsweather. Need to find what format PWS weather needs for submissions… and this seems a little hacky just to get accurate local conditions.

@johnny2678, I’m gonna see if we can hack something together for you. No promises, but I’ll get another set of eyes on it.

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I’m impatient so I had to give this a shot myself.

github - wupws

I’ve been shipping Weather Underground data to pwsweather for 18 hours now using this script. Check the README for info. I’m no coder and have limited time to support so feel free to branch and improve.

Oh, and yes, it shows up in Rachio after about 10-15 minutes.


Sorry for the workaround but seems like it is magical :wink:

We are evaluating all of our weather data for next year, and will have more options along with higher quality and granularity.



@johnny2678, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear it’s working for you. We’ll recommend this to future wunderground users :smile:


I just got an Iro 1st gen and a Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP. Has there been any update on using WU data with the Iro? I have an old Windows laptop to turn into a “hub”, but most programs only work for acurite weather stations, Linux, or Mac. I might do the DLink mod if there is no other way.

Not the best solution, but for now this is what some of our users have been doing for an integration.

We will be largely expanding our weather service footprint as well as accuracy, so stay tuned. Big plans in this arena :wink: Timeframe is unclear, but something we want to focus a good amount of time on.


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Thanks Franz. One more vote here for improved WU integration. I am using an Accurite weather station as well and publishing to WU. I am a new user of the Rachio 2nd generation and overall very impressed. Looking forward to sending it my own weather data.

Ya, I want a much bigger weather footprint.

The development and product team is aware of this and will be incorporating in the future. We definitely understand the upside of having more/closer weather data for our customers :wink:



Yes please integrate WU PWS My nearest weatherstation is 4 miles away I live on the coast so 4 miles inland do sent reflect the same Temps or humidity.


…No solution if you don’t have an iOS device, unfortunately :slight_smile: Looks like it requires WeatherSnoop (step 4) :frowning:

Thanks Johnny2678. I started using this today and is working great to copy my WU PWS data to PWSWeather! Definitely like to see Rachio make Weather Underground PWS available so I do not have to do this workaround.


Wu is the bom isn’t it?

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Your script is working well for me also.

For others who would like to use this solution, but don’t have or want a linux box lying around running all the time, I have a suggestion.

Go to or wherever you like, find the cheapest, lowest spec’d Virtual Private Server you can, and run the script there.

I rented a linux virtual machine for $12 for the year, selected a Ubuntu image (because I’m familiar with Ubuntu), copied over the script and set it up, installed crontab and configured that, and now I’m done.

Could be a very simple solution for people who just don’t want to mess with another box in their home. Given the overkill that even the lowest power VPS is, I could add dozens of people to my machine without breaking a sweat.

Hope this idea helps.


Hey Johnny2678. I am sure you are not offering support… But thought I would ask as you may be having the same issue. I have been using this script for a couple weeks now (thank you again), but the past two days (5/1 and 5/2) the precip data from WU did not transfer over to PWSWeather. Any ideas? Possibly WU or PWS changed their format for May? Here are my stations:

The ‘daily precip total’ is what has been getting populated on PWSWeather. All other data points look to be there.
I do not see any apparent error when it is executed. Copy paste from terminal:

Grabbing JSON using the following URL:[...]/conditions/q/pws:KOHMEDIN16.json
–2016-05-03 09:13:36--[...]/conditions/q/pws:KOHMEDIN16.json
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 2595 (2.5K) [application/json]
Saving to: ‘/home/[…]/wu-pws/wu.json’
100%[======================================>] 2,595 --.-K/s in 0s
2016-05-03 09:13:37 (282 MB/s) - ‘/home/[…]/wu-pws/wu.json’ saved [2595/2595]
–2016-05-03 09:13:37--
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 131 [text/html]
Saving to: ‘/dev/null’
100%[======================================>] 131 --.-K/s in 0s
2016-05-03 09:13:37 (26.4 MB/s) - ‘/dev/null’ saved [131/131]
wget -O /dev/null --post-data=ID=KOHMEDIN16&PASSWORD=[…]&dateutc=2016-05-03+12%3A58%3A33&winddir=247&windspeedmph=4.7&windgustmph=0&tempf=46.9&rainin=-999.00&dailyrainin=&baromin=29.91&dewptf=46&humidity=96&solarradiation=&UV=1&softwaretype=wu_pws_ver1.0&action=updateraw

‘Dailyrainin’ is blank (though we have not had any rain today). I am not sure if that is normal, or if it should be 0.00 (possible indicator that it is not getting the data correctly from WU).

Thanks in advance.