How to debug weather intelligence not detecting rain

Twice now the weather stations near my house have shown over .2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours and yet my Gen3 Rachio shows zero precipitation gain and then watered the lawn the next morning. It seems like WI+ is consistently under-estimating or missing rainfall for me.

Is there anything I can do beyond switching to a single station? That bit me last year when that station went offline for a week and I also had watering after rain. I’m a bit frustrated as I upgraded to a Gen3 specifically for the WI+ assuming it would average rainfall for the stations near me.

On 5/20 we got between .34 and .45 inches of rain:

on 5/25 we got between .19 and .22 inches of rain:

@edalquist I verified and it looks like our weather provider did not record precipitation for that area. I had the engineering team open a support ticket with our weather provider giving them this data. I will let you know when we receive more information.


Thanks for looking into it!

I had filed a support ticket after the first incident but the response wasn’t super helpful.

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Some initial feedback from our weather provider.


Thanks for reaching out and providing examples.

Our teams dug into the missing precip and found the same issue we spoke of last week where one of the main sources had not updated until a few days later. At this time we are going to move forward with brainstorming alternative methods in case this continues to be an issue. We did check on the 25th and confirmed the data had updated with the correct values, but a few days after.

Thanks for the update and glad they are looking into it. In theory the WI+ is a great feature, hopefully they can get the kinks ironed out so one bad station doesn’t skew things so much.

Honestly I’d rather the system err on the side of watering LESS instead of MORE. I can manually fix things if there isn’t watering, it is sort of hard to remove a few thousand gallons from my yard :slight_smile: Plus I get weather skip notifications which let me know that Rachio thought there was rain when there wasn’t


@franz I’m seeing this again. We got .5" of rain around 11:30pm last night and then another .5" between midnight and 2am. WI Plus shows zero precipitation. If I switch to any of the specific stations in my neighborhood the precipitation appears in the moisture log correctly.

@franz Can you check into mine as well, please?

I called support earlier in the month, after having the same issue described above. I was directed to increase my Available Water and Allowed Depletion settings drastically for each of my zones. This had the effect of almost doubling the expected water time! So I undid the changes.

The problem persists. For example, we received nearly an inch of rain on Tuesday, as reported by a nearby weather station.

I looked at Rachio that evening and saw that the next scheduled run was not until Thursday AM. OK, no need to skip any waterings at the moment.

But then, that same evening (early Wednesday morning), Rachio made a spur-of-the-moment decision to water my already-sodden lawn. According to the notification – which I didn’t see until I woke up – the weather skip was cancelled due to a change in weather.

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I was having similar issue and it appeared my current weather station was about 9 miles away. I went into settings and was able to change weather station which was closer by 5 miles that worked for me? Always worth a try.

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Is there a way for us to see which stations/areas Weather Intelligence is not being accurate? All theses posts but they don’t specify where. I am wondering if they are more accurate in certain areas vs others

When you go in to edit weather station, some weather stations that never report precipitation might show “No Precipitation Data!”, but sometimes, the data will just be very different from what you see. I’d recommend that you can click the blue highlighted “more info” under each weather station. From there it will take you to a page (different weather stations might look different). You can spend some time analyzing the data that the weather station reports and see how it matches what you see at your house…

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Looks like the set of available weather stations in my area has changed recently, the one in my city is not available for selection anymore. The closest one in the list is CXHM, however, it doesn’t have precipitation sensor, so pretty useless for rain skips. The closest one with precipitation data is KIAG, which is 73km away, so useless as well. Practically weather intelligence doesn’t have any rain data for my location, while the forecast is 0.4in of rain on June 10 ( Is it possible to do anything about the rain data from the weather stations?